Clawing at My Heart

Whenever I walk into a bathroom and there is a claw foot tub in it I pretty much lose my mind. What a perfect pair of Manolos are to some women, claw foot tubs are to me. One of my goals in life is to have my very own someday. Especially one painted black on the outside. Do you need some photographic evidence? I thought so…

I can’t even begin to deal with those brass plumbing fixtures. It’s too good.

This is about to happen… prepare yourselves.

Me and Mr. Bubbles need a date here.

And here.


I feel like this was set up just for me- white subway with dark grout? Check. Tub? Check. Rosemary (favorite smell)? Check. Mini tile floor with a sheepskin rug? Check. Only thing missing is me!

That gallery wall is redonk. So are those shutters.

DRAMA, my favorite (just ask Andrew)

I’m way into this whole bath reno- from the floor to the wall color. Check it out here!

My studiomate Jennifer told me about this place New England Demolition and Salvage that I must go to. Why, you ask? Because it looks like this!

Can you not see me skipping deliriously through the rows and rows of vintage tubs? This is what heaven must look like!


  1. These are beyond amazing. I feel your pain about losing it anytime I see a club foot tub. They are such a rarity and bring so much character to a space. For reals.

  2. I’ve been to that place in New Bedford and it s indeed INSANE! I’ve never seen so many claw foot tubs in my life though sadly many are in bad shape. They also have some great pedestal sinks and TONS of amazing doors to look through. Worth the drive for sure.

  3. The last line of this post totally cracked me up. Quite a feat, since I’m NOT a morning person. ;-)

  4. i just found out that i’m moving (into the apartment next door) next month and i am beyond excited because it has… a claw foot tub! i have always wanted one, and i am already scooping up bath oil for the many luxurious soaks i plan to take!

  5. Splish Splash…I’d take any one of those!! There MUST BE a bathroom redo in my future…franki

  6. NEDS is awesome. You will love it. Never know what you will find. (Tubs are on the second floor.)

  7. Oh my goodness!! My husband and I are moving up to Cambridge this summer and I will DEFINITELY be making a weekend trip to check that place out! Our apartment is void of any architectural interest and I would love to get my hands on some salvage door knobs, a mantle, ooooh and lighting!!! Thanks for sharing! :)


  8. AMEN! I once rented an apartment that was far too small in a dicey neighborhood due to a clawfoot tub.

  9. These are my dream tubs! When I start to going house hunting I am to New England Demolition and Salvage for my tub. I am happy I am not the only tub enthusiast.

  10. I see a claw foot tub and every thing else in the room just disappears. It’s a good thing I don’t have one of these yet….or else I would be so late for work every morning. It’s great to see I’m not alone in my obsession…:)

  11. NE Demo and Salvage is an amazing place!! I love to wander around with my iPod on, up and down the rows of stuff. It’s definitely worth the trip to New Bedford. There are a few more amazing antique shops right near by NE Demo, also worth the stop.

  12. So happy to see brass is stylish again. When I bought my 100+ year old house 8 years ago, I wanted to replace the brass fixtures on the original claw foot tub because nobody was using brass at the time. Luckily, it was too expensive and the brass stayed.

  13. Great post, Erin! I shared it on the Designer Bath facebook page. We have a gorgeous soaking tub from Zuchetti on display in our showroom that has a white matte interior and a black exterior. It is stunning! We are considering bringing in another version that features a Tangerine Tango exterior finish … the design possibilities are endless!

  14. I love the old bathroom theme! I can tell you are in love with the designs, who wouldnt? Is there something you would change? perhaps if you could create you own bathroom how would it look and what theme, pattern, and colour you would use?

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  16. Just wanted to tell you that out of the 25 blogs I try to keep up on yours is the first I look at every morning and it never disappoints. You are a gifted designer and witty writer so starting my day with a chuckle from your FB and blog always helps lighten my foreboding day. Don’t underestimate your gifts girl, keep the “redunk” attitude and the rest will take care of its self.

  17. i just recently started reading your blog… now i have a lot of catching up to do! you are a girl after my own heart: vintage homes, bungalows, claw foot tubs, etc. you are a hoot, too!

  18. My boyfriend and I are renovating our 1890 home in Salem, MA. We thought long and hard about keeping our antique claw foot tub with navy exterior (original to the home) and refinishing for use, but opted out for a more efficient soaking tub. Instead we found a new home for the oldie, but goodie claw foot in our back yard! We dug a big hole and sunk it in so it is flush with the grass and raspberries growing around it. It still properly drains and has multi-purpose potential: outdoor dog bath, lily pond, summer soaking tub. The possibilities are endless and enjoyable! Cheers!

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