The Exquisite Edelmans

Last month’s House Beautiful has a whole section which I happen to have dog-eared enthusiastically. Some pages so full of amazing ideas that I wish I could triple dog-ear it somehow.  What I found so inspiring was the CT home on Bonnie and John Edelman in Connecticut (my home state, hollllaaaa). What a completely amazing, wonderful, insanely awesome example of decorating this place is. A mix of modern, traditional, vintage, new, simple and exquisite!  And would you expect less from the couple- he, the president/CEO of Design Within Reach and she, a very talented photographer?

Zebra? Check. Horns? Check. Sunburst mirror? Check.

Sputnik, I love you.

Amazing gallery wall, obvi.

More tulip tables! Guess that’s a given when you run DWR.

Gorg. Love me an egg chair too.

GAH! I just keeled over dead. This picture is porn for me.

Gallery wall x a gazillion.

I mean, REALLY? This is the OUTDOOR kitchen and dining area? Can I hold my birthday party here for a fee?


Perfection. Absolute perfection. Can you imagine making s’mores and drinking wine here? I can. Just waiting for my invitation…. (crickets)

And how about Bonnie’s gorgeous equestrian photos? Who doesn’t love a large scale print of one of the most beautiful creatures on earth?


  1. one of the greatest HB spreads…love that you featured it. seriously amazing stuff! your commentary is a hilarious bonus.

  2. I can just imagine that the egg chair in the BR is as soft as buttah (Boston accent). The leather Morris chairs in the LR are dreamy… Thanks for sharing!!

  3. The staircase! The woven blinds in that 6th photo- I’ve never seen any finished off with a twill border like that. Very polished. But really, so much to love here. That outdoor kitchen is straight from my dreams.

  4. “Just waiting for my invitation…. (crickets)” = spit out my coffee all over my keyboard. hilarious. and yeah, this is totally the centerfold of design porn.

  5. LOVE!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Any idea where the sofa is from in the first photo of the living room?? You can only get a little peek but it looks to be EXACTLY what I’m looking for!

  6. I love that this house looks perfectly lived in without feeling cluttered or disorderly. It’s a hard look to achieve if you think about it!

  7. I felt the same way when viewing that spread recently- although I did find myself thinking that an outdoor kitchen of that caliber would be better suited in a more seasonably WARM state, rather than good ole CT…

  8. I didn’t know that light fixture is called a sputnik but let’s go with it! I just saw a twig sputnik with little bitty lights on it today. It was in a wholesale catalog called Roost (I think). I thought they would look great hanging from the pergola that my hubby is going to build this summer! Positive thinking.

  9. Agree w cc… You are so dang funny …. When I read
    (dead), I had to guffaw….oh yeah the house is
    To die too….

  10. I dog eared that very issue and that very page. I love that room so much! It has everything that I would want in a room. The zebra print…the elevated fireplace. It is all too beautiful not to be lived in. Gorgeous!

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