She Annoys Me…But Her House Doesn’t.

I am not particularly a Lea Michelle fan. Something about her just really rubs me the wrong way, and I don’t even watch Glee.  However, I kind of adore her new, little cottage in LA! Of course, only in LA would a small 2 bedroom home cost $1.4 million, but I’m impressed by her modest purchase (size wise) and the potential of this ADORABLE little gem! Oh what I could do with this thing!

I’m dead over this cuteness. DEAD.

If dying twice were possible, it just happened.

SUCH a darling backyard!

Oh hello outdoor kitchen. Me gusta!!!

I’d get rid of that  butcher block island, as it makes the space crowded.  I might swap those counter tops for Cararra marble and do a little subway tile with black grout on the back splash. (Obvs!)

Fireplace surround replaced IMMEDIATELY. Again Cararra or perhaps limestone. I think I have some time to decide.

P.S. That light is just plain silly in scale.

Loves it.

Upholstered tufted bed, amazing print drapes, soft cozy Beni Ourain rug and new sconces…. maybe? Yes, lets.

Andrew would be psyched to basically be able to BBQ in the master bedroom. Ribs in bed, anyone?


Love squared.

Awesome den/office with stylish pull out sofa for guests (the previous owner certainly had a thing for Nelson pendants, no?)

Something a little like this- hella girly but sleek:

Sources: light, sofa, desk, curtain fabric, rug, coffee table, lamp, art, candle, pillows

P.S. I am LOVING this series of women in water (one piece used above) by photographer Rosanne Olson via Iris Gallery.


  1. LOVELY- all around! Love the women in water series- and lovin’ the rug you picked…it is wrong that I am suddenly wanting to be single, childless, and living the life of Ms. Michelle???

  2. Number 1 – I am SO with you on the Lea Michelle sentiments. I dont want to turn this comment into a bashing, but just not a fan and its for the same reasons – there’s just something about her…
    #2 – omigosh is this cute! that living room with arc light has got to be the first thing on her to-do list. FOR REAL


  3. Ah those women in water photos remind me of a shoot Elle Magazine did with Drew Barrymore a few years ago. I believe Joe Zee has a giant-sized version of that cover in his office because it’s his favorite of all-time. Lovely little house!

  4. Great find! That is the most stylish little house, I love it, what else do you need? Agree kitchen does not need the island, the pool is perfect.

    Pool photos really lovely especially the jellyfish one.

  5. Yeah, pretty much in love with that backyard. We have a big pool- even by So Cal standards, but I’m here to say that that lap pool is all you need people. All you need to cool off and soak with a good cocktail in your hand! It’s pretty darn perfect.

  6. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Why can’t I find this house on the East Coast? Specifically within driving distance to New Haven and Elements of Style updates!!! The women in water series is BRILLIANT!

  7. I can totally see the charm in the home but it really needs your decorating touch! I love the women in water series~ such a unique perspective!!

  8. Love all of your picks, bookmarked them for future lottery winnings :) That chandelier and that couch, gorgeous.

  9. Wow her place is super cute! I agree the living room lamp is stupid as are the bedroom sconces… and the fireplace def needs some work. Adore her yard and bathroom though!!

  10. Now see….THIS is exactly how I’d do it. Even if I had all the money in the world, I never understand why people feel the need to purchase 10,000 square foot homes. No, sir. No thanks. I’d much rather have something cozy and filled to the brim with the things I love than a humongous “mansion” that requires humongous over-done furniture.

  11. I completely thought the same thing when I saw pictures of the house on TMZ (don’t judge), and the modest qualities show even more when compared to the pictures of Britney Spears house posted the same day. The swimming ladies are so relaxing.

  12. Erin, I read your blog daily and love your style, but I have to ask – why do I always see designer kitchens with Carrara marble when every stone expert will tell you it’s the worst choice for a kitchen? I hear that it’s so soft and porous that it’ll look beat up within months. Do these Carrara kitchen people just not cook? And I couldn’t agree more on the size comment – this house is so much more welcoming than the giant modernist LA stuff like Jennifer Aniston’s new house!

  13. Such a darling home! I found your comment about changing the fireplace very interesting. That tile is called Batchelder and is SUPER popular and original to a lot of LA 1920’s homes. Most people consider it a selling point, actually! I happen to have the same tile on my own fireplace and I HATE it, but everyone says we have to keep it. It’s literally the bane of my existence and the singular thing I would change in my home, but what can I do? Le sigh…

  14. Kacey, if you seal marble really really well it can be fine for counter tops. But no, it’s not indestructible and for a serious chef who doesn’t want to fret about putting down hot pans or red wine. For those people I usually suggest honed absolute black granite (looks like soapstone but WAY tougher) or Caeserstone.

  15. Everytime you say you are dead or dying, I am laughing out loud. Sorry – you’re just funny girl, dang!
    PS – Agree on the honed black granite – have it on my kitch island, powder and laundry room, and it’s great. Also a leather finished golden beach is GREAT!

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