1. Haha this post cracks me up! Obv you are speaking the truth but I don’t think I’ve ever (or haven’t for a long time) seen such frustration in one of your posts.

  2. Totally agree. But I’m in love with $20 curtain panels from Target that are only 84″. What is a girl to do??

  3. I would only love this more if you’d posted cautionary pictures. I think sometimes people just hang curtain rods in the existing nailholes. So the sins of the previous homeowner are visited upon the next. It’s a viscious cycle. (I spelled “viscious” wrong. I know it. But I’m too lazy to look the correct spelling up. Sorry, America.) Thanks for doing your share to break the cycle. Widows everywhere send you a fistbump.

  4. Lol, true that! Seems like there is true visceral emotion behind this…were you burned in the past by capri curtains or diminutive drapes?

  5. I kind of feel like a crazy person for saying this but this entry made me laugh. A LOT. I’m sure if I told that to my mother (whose curtains have always, and always will be perched directly above the windows) she would love her mind haha. You’ve just gained another reader :)

    xx Corinne

  6. All rules are meant to be broken, including the one you are suggesting. It works great except when it doesn’t.

  7. What to do though when you have baseboard heaters below every window as most homes in the Boston area have? Are we relinquished to only use roman blinds? Or is there a curtain length that isn’t deemed a decor no? Not alot of decor advice out for this situation. Would love some advice. Please help!!!!

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