AccessoriesMarch 22, 2012

Totally Into: Chartreuse

I think the last time I was into neon I had a mullet and a collection of Hypercolor t-shirts and Debbie Gibson and Wilson Twins on rotation.  When the bright shades started coming back i was not into it AT ALL- I think all children of the 80’s have a slight revulsion to all things brought back from that decade- shoulder pads, drop crotch “MC Hammer” pants and crimped hair. But last week I tried on a neon green/chartreuse necklace and kinda loved it. It woke up my complexion so much and made me feel a bit funky.  And then surprised myself again by finding hints of it in the home really fun and unexpected too!  In a home a prefer a slightly toned down, less highlighter shade, but when paired with navy and black ( and even pink) it looks really amazing!


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