Totally Into: Chartreuse

I think the last time I was into neon I had a mullet and a collection of Hypercolor t-shirts and Debbie Gibson and Wilson Twins on rotation.  When the bright shades started coming back i was not into it AT ALL- I think all children of the 80’s have a slight revulsion to all things brought back from that decade- shoulder pads, drop crotch “MC Hammer” pants and crimped hair. But last week I tried on a neon green/chartreuse necklace and kinda loved it. It woke up my complexion so much and made me feel a bit funky.  And then surprised myself again by finding hints of it in the home really fun and unexpected too!  In a home a prefer a slightly toned down, less highlighter shade, but when paired with navy and black ( and even pink) it looks really amazing!



  1. I got to tell you that I felt the exact same way when I started seeing glimpses of neon starting to pop up everywhere. It was like, “really?, why?!” But I too have turned a corner with it, mostly because I think it’s been used in fresh, unexpected ways in and around the home like you’ve featured here. Have you seen the neon eggs on the latest cover of Martha? BTW- that nursery may be one of my all time favorites.

  2. Isn’t it amazing?! I never thought I would love neon as much as I did when I was a little girl. I have proven myself wrong, I cannot get enough of it right now! I am loving the way you can rock it and still look chic and not like you are trying to relive the 80s.
    Much love,

  3. Sloowwwwwlllyyy easing into this color. I’m surrounded by it at J.Crew, so trying to step out of my comfort zone and embrace it!

  4. Ok, it took me a few minutes to read your post because I was laughing so hard at your 80’s references (fortunately and unfortunately, I can totally picture them in my mind). Neon is so in your face at first! But, somehow it seems so gorgeous right now and I’m loving chartreuse in particular! Hope we don’t look back at 2012 and laugh!! :)

  5. Me, too! I’ve been looking for some lime-y accents for my kitchen. I am not having any luck finding barstool seat cushions, though. Help?

  6. Neon!! Noooooooo… as a child of the 80’s I have to add: just say no to neon. It was ugly then, and it’s still ugly!! In clothes, at least. Your photos of home decor neon aren’t so bad…

  7. So funny to see this! I used to be all over this Designers Guild fabric back in South Africa that had chartreuse all over it including turquoise! I loved it back then and totally over used it, but it brings back some good memories :-) Lovely idea for kids rooms, thanks for sharing!

  8. erin… i love chartreuse esp paired with black. it’s my business card and also used the color (bm #2024-chartreuse) in a show house side-entry space for that fun and warm welcomey feel. see: /
    also working it in a client’s guest room in bedding and reflected in the tray ceiling… fab! enjoy your trip!–deb

  9. ERIN!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! black / white / chartreuse are my wedding colors …. we are getting married this october and are doing a hollywood regency/palm springs theme! It makes me so happy to see these colors in real life!!

    aaaand i read your blog every morning, rock on!

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