Design Crush: Gabriel Hendifar

I have seen this dining room by Gabriel Hendifar ALLLLLLLLL over the blogosphere this week.  But I felt compelled to post it too, along with some of his other work! I really am loving the tension, drama and coziness in his rooms!

This room is just bananas- the faux stone wallcovering and the rug are things I would never have paired together- but it looks so fierce. Especially with that black room int he background (you know how I feel about a black room, same as how I feel about Ryan Gosling),

More complete lusciousness!

I mean, I will never, ever tire of this trend. EVER.

Back to that dining room… I recreated a similar look on a much smaller budget- find the links here!

11 Responses to “Design Crush: Gabriel Hendifar”

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Erin, I love that dining room – especially the light fitting. I admire any designer who can make such a bold statement, and I agree that the combination of the wallpaper and the rug really work – but its something I would never have thought to put together. Thanks for posting this and the other images of Gabriel’s work

  2. Ahhh. I just Pintrest the shit out of that room!

  3. Neda says:

    I’ve been staring at the dining room for days! I love the new images too! Just stunning, and I’m dying over that grey/green cabinet.

  4. such a talented designer. his rooms look like real people could live in them – that to me is brilliant.

  5. Liz says:

    Hi Erin! I love it! The link sends me to the general Olioboard website. Could you post the link to your actual board? Thanks!

  6. Erin Gates says:

    Liz, should be fixed now- here is the link also!

  7. Such bold interiors! Stunning!

  8. Stunning rooms, Erin!

  9. The color and texture is so fabulously bold! The drama his rooms creates is better than the scenarios whipped up on Bravo! DEAD:)

  10. Love the GLAM factor in all his work… I just posted a picture of Kelly Wearstler’s bathroom yesterday that had bookmatched marble in it… How stunning is it?? I love how he uses dark colors too, so dramatic and bold. Love the look for less too :)
    xx A

  11. katie says:

    Do you know where the original wallcovering is from?