Design Crush: CWB Architects

I reader sent me an image she found on Pinterest which linked to the site for New York’s CWB Architects.  And man are these people talented. Especially when it comes to this one Brooklyn Heights Greek Revival townhome! Can you even? ‘Cause I can’t. Woah.

BAM! Leopard stairs! Holllllerr!

That Lindsey Adelman fixture is pretty major. And I LOVE the concept of the casual dining table as island.  Don;t you always notice that everyone congregates in the kitchen anyways?

Navy sofa and Persian rug? Check.

That sound you hear is my jaw hitting the floor….

I want to go to there. Every morning. With a cup of coffee and get pretty.

Holy amazing nursery Batman.

Chevron floors??? CHEVRON FLOORS!

Yeah, that’s not awesome or anything.

*le sigh* I’ve always said I would never, ever leave the city of I could have a townhouse with a tiny yard. And here it is. Damn you, lucky people.


  1. Absolute perfection…I’m sure you were noticing all the blue couches!!! Burt Bees towelettes….awesome thanks for the heads up on that one.

  2. uh yeah, I need to pick up my jaw off the floor as well. That townhome is perfect in every way. I LOVE the outdoor space and the rooms that open up to it making it ideal for entertaining. I could spend many nights out there.

  3. I love everything in the house except for the red&white wallpaper. One wall would be okay but…yeah too much for me.
    Now what I find insanely cool about the house is the back with the cool blue painted brick. I don’t know why but it just really sticks out to me and I love it!

  4. I started drooling halfway through this post. Gorgeous home…every little corner of it but especially the kitchen and the kid’s rooms for me.

  5. Love it! My favorite is the chevron floor. Now, must locate the milk house that’s also on their site since it’s in my neighborhood.

  6. Crush isn’t a strong enough word.. Massive all encompassing LOVE AFFAIR! This house is gorgeous, not so sure about the red & white wall paper, but oh my stars I’d suck it up and deal with it if the rest of the house comes with! Just beautiful, Thank you so much for seeking it out and sharing it with us!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, freaking love it!! Amazing, fantastic!!I dream to be able to decorate like that. WOW!

  8. This townhome is my ultimate “fanTASTY”–just delicious! I often daydream about escaping the “blue and grey” confines of Washington, D.C. and running ala “Forrest” to NYC (Brooklyn specifically) and starting my REAL life. *Le Sigh* indeed.

  9. Wow… stunning combination of classic and modern elements. Each room has a perfectly calibrated play between restraint and joy.

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