A Baby Boy Nursery…(for Erika)

My bestest friend from college gave birth yesterday, on LEAP DAY, to a gorgeous baby boy.  It is so strange and yet wonderful when people you’ve known for so long become a mother.  I am over the moon for her and her husband and so in honor of their new arrival I put together a delicious baby boy nursery that has no cartoons, babyish stuff or the like, because these two are such stylish parents who would never allow such things in their cool new home :) .  And seeing as they have a strong connection to the Cape, I went with an ocean theme. I had to use Kelly Wearstler’s amazing new fabrics (I picture the ikat being the crib skirt, the stripe velvet being a ridiculously luscious bumper and the sea urchin for a pillow on the rocker).  The dresser image I found on Pinterest (see the tutorial HERE) and am obsessed with the way it was painted, allowing the wood to be the background for the ship.  An overdye patchwork rug from Nomadic Trading makes for an interesting ground too.  The photograph is a large scale by Mary Ellen Bartley (you may recognize the style from my project sneak peek).

I attempted this in Olioboard and had one HELL of time using it (slow internet? maybe I need a mouse?), but since my Photoshop has disappeared and I am having trouble pulling the trigger on the $600 new version, it will have to do for now!

Wishing E+L+J so much love, luck and sweet new baby moments….


  1. Chic enough to be any room in the house. Just Gorgeous.
    I always wished my birthday was leap year!

    ps I have adobe lightroom and it works great- all of the most basic features of photoshop – and if you corral a student to buy it for you its only $99

  2. I love sophisticated non-juvenile nurseries. Makes for a much easier trasition when the baby is a toddler and in elementary school! I have a friend who was born on leap day as well…. makes it extra special when leap year comes around and she can actully celebrate on her REAL birthday!

  3. Just lovely! That crib is exactly what I would want should/when I have need for a nursery. “Mom” spends a lot of time in that room too… why not make it a comfortable and pleasing space for her as well.

  4. Erin, I love the room, great job! Where are the light fixtures from, they would look in my kitchen above the message center that we are designing. Thanks in advance for the info!

  5. first of all, congratulations to your friend! babies are so exciting, and on a leap year to boot!

    maybe I’m more traditional, but I prefer pastel nurseries…nothing too “cutesy”, but it is a baby after all! I don’t think every room has to “match” the rest of the house; my room growing up never fit in with the downstairs scheme. One of the coolest things about my mom was she always let us kids pick out how to decorate our rooms, even during my lime green phase!

    I do like the look of this though, except not sure how practical velvet is for a bumper. Also, just curious, but I heard those aren’t considered “safe” anymore? I am so far from having kids at this point in my life that I have no idea haha. Any moms out there who know? Thanks!

  6. Congratulations to your friend!
    Love this room Erin – you have such great taste!
    Moving to Boston over the summer and hope you can help me decorate our new home.

  7. Erin
    It’s refreshing to see a room for a baby boy, everything is usually so girly and frilly. As a mother of 3 boys I know this style of room will last well past babyhood. Good Job!

  8. Gorgeous! I love that ikat. And the dresser, duh.

    I use Keynote for my moodboards. It’s a mac program that’s a super awesome version of Powerpoint. You can’t edit images, but you can mask and re-size them. It’s a great layout tool and it’s only $20 via the Mac App store. Lightroom is $130 on Amazon, so between the two you probably wouldn’t even miss Photoshop all that much!

  9. I adore this room. If I ever have a boy, his nursery will certainly be a sophisticated ocean/sailing theme in honor of my father who loved the ocean, ships and sailing. Congratulations to your friend.

  10. Love that Kelly Wearstler fabric. I’m a relatively new blogger, and started on a Dell computer – trying to transfer to Mac – but wanted to suggest doing boards on Google’s Picasa (creating a collage). Not the best editing, and with Picnik phasing out, I’m still looking for alternatives to Photoshop as well.

  11. Iknow you don’t often reply to comments, but I’m dying to know where the glider is from! I’m 28 weeks along with our first child, and would love if you could provide the source. Gliders and rockers don’t often have stylish options out there. Thanks!!

    Ps – your high/low nursery from awhile back is probably my all-time favorite nursery inspiration (surprisingly the low option). Love it!

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