Sponsor Welcome: Quality Bath

A great looking bathroom is SO important in a home, as it can serve as a spa-like sanctuary for those of us not lucky enough to frequent Bliss or the like on a weekly basis.  I love helping people pick out fixtures for their renovated bathrooms and so am really thrilled to have Quality Bath be a sponsor of EOS!  They have so fantastic products that would certainly increase the value (and pleasure of use) of anyone bathroom- big or small.  Here are some of my favorites!


A deep soaker:

A classic claw foot:

A modern marvel:

A country beauty:


Sleek and simple:

Antiqued and awesome:

Classic and bright:


Modern single hole:

Gorgeous bridge:

Classic and modern widespread:


A GREAT Empire chandelier:

Turned wood and iron beauty:

Retro glam:

Kitchen sinks:

Classic farmhouse:

Copper farmhouse:

9 Responses to “Sponsor Welcome: Quality Bath”

  1. Love the country tub! And the chandeliers are gorgeous!
    Happy Thursday, Erin.

  2. I would love a deep bathtub someday! I’m really into that modern marvel. I agree a good bathroom is SO important. I’m ready for an upgrade after this post.

  3. Annie says:

    I love a beautiful tub and a farmhouse sink!!

  4. bethany says:

    wow. you know, some of us (me…) get so stuck on getting something from the neighborhood big box home improvement store and quite honestly, it just doesnt stand out or cut it in terms of function. so nice to discover places where you get get a lot more custom looking options.


  5. Cindy says:

    I am a daily reader of your blog and find it very annoying that you chose a company like Quality Bath to be a sponsor. They sell product at discounts that they are not allowed and they are also not authorized dealers of these product. If someone orders a faucet or lightning fixture and have and issue with it and because the purchased it from a website that is not authorized it will not be under warranty. Also half of the brands they sell you can’t return to them. You should really support your local showrooms and businesses.

  6. Neda says:

    That country tub reminds me of the one in the movie, The Holiday…I could use a cozy bath break right about now.:)

  7. Lindsay says:

    I’ll take the modern tub please! Kthanks ;)

  8. Laurie says:

    Ah, isn’t the bathtub post a little soon after Whitney Houston’s death?