Fashion Friday: Leather Love.

Since it got cold I’ve been wearing these faux leather numbers from Zara, for which I’ve gotten lots of compliments. They are super cute, fit really well and are comfy (not to mention really affordable).  I found that I wanted to wear them ALL THE TIME, especially in fall/winter when faced with the question “what can I wear out at night in which I’ll look fetching yet not freeze to death in?”.  Enter these pants.  These really only work well with heels (not liking the styling in this pic) because they have ankle zippers and are cropped.  But they are adorable and I highly recommend them  if you a) don’t want to part with the money on the real deal b) don’t wear leather c) want to see how often you might wear a style like this.

So after realizing how much I would wear a real pair and getting advice from a very stylish client who has a certain pair she said are “the absolute best ever”, I bit the bullet and ordered them. Just to see. I never, ever buy really expensive things. The only pair of fancy shoes I own are Jimmy Choos that a girlfriend GAVE me. However, I’ve been trying hard to focus on buying really great, high quality stuff and less crap that I buy just to have something new to wear (we ALL do that, right?).   I fully planned on returning them as I just have a hard time making investments in clothing. Sofas and art, sure. Pants and shoes- not so much.

And then I got the pants yesterday.


I mean, buttery yet thin stretchy leather. Super comfortable. Long and lean. If you’ve ever tried on leather pants you KNOW 90% of the time they look so awful (and feel so awful tugging and stretching to get them on) you don’t want to even catch your reflection in the mirror. These were different. But maybe I had had one too many glasses of pinot noir. So I went downstairs to show Andrew. And his reaction seriously shocked me.

“What are those?!?! Are you wearing those out without me? You can’t! Don’t even tell me how much those were because you are absolutely NOT returning them. I consider those an investment in our marriage!”

Love this guy.

So I guess I’m making my first ever investment purchase…. it’s for my marriage’s sake, after all!!

Some more leather legging inspiration….

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  1. Please oh please Erin for the sake of fashion! share the link to those pants. I’ve been looking some for years.

  2. Haha, love that story! Trying on leather pants is a pain, but they’re actually meant to be tight when you try them on because leather stretches so eventually they’ll stretch and fit you perfectly. Leather pants are a great investment so enjoy yours!


  3. Yes, those are hot…if only my thighs would cooperate in letting me pull them off. But more importantly, you just said, “Damn, Gina” and I seriously love you for that. My friends and I have been saying this since, oh, junior high, and to this day it still comes out quite often…except no one in my life now has any idea what I’m talking about. Seriously, you just made my day.

  4. Umm hello don’t be such a tease! Share the info! I have been wearing faux leather this entire season! way worth the investment!

  5. @Shawna – Totally agree with “Damn, Gina”!!! Erin, I need a pair too! Would you puh-leeze share which brand you went with?

  6. I am in the same position. I bought the zara pants about six weeks ago and have been wearing them non-stop! I am also looking for a real leather pair because now I know I will wear them alllll the time. Where did you find these life changing leather pants? Please share!

  7. Yes…this is not the type of info you do not share ?! I have the Zara pair also and they ARE fun and fabulous!

    Love the reaction!


  8. Don’t you already have yours? Tell us where you got them! They’re leather pants, for crying out loud. We all know the price is going to make us gasp but we don’t care!

  9. Erin, I love that you are setting a leather revolution(!) with this post. Every season when I weed out my closet I stare at the leather pants. I got rid of my shiny rockstar ones a couple of years ago (too high-waisted) but hung onto a buttery brown pair from Banana Republic (that I bought on sale about 10-11 years ago). The second you share your new pair, I’d put $$ on a sell-out!

  10. helmut lang? i’m tall also and guessing it has to be those…they are the BEST (and i’m not a designer closet girl). truly great items are worth the splurge! love your story.

  11. I’d love to know where Erin got them…but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her reply to questions in the comments sections. Here is to hoping.

  12. Just a wild guess that hubby wouldn’t be too keen on a “What I Wore-Leather Leggings” segment ;-) He’s definitely a keeper.

  13. I love my leather pants that I have had for over 10 years! They are timeless and bootcut and soooo warm. Best of all, my husband gave them to me!

  14. In theory, i would LOVE to wear some. In my real life I think I would look/feel morbidly obese. I LOVE the ones you have been wearing. LOVE.

  15. Link please. This is like someone saying they are mad at you but don’t want to talk about it. You put it out there now ya gotta spill the beans. I want leather pants on my booty damn it!

  16. Way to go! I’m not built for leather pants, unfortunately, but I used to work at a very high-end designer store. I was all Target and Forever 21 before I realized the value of investment buying. I now buy fewer, nicer items and I feel more fulfilled and stylish than when I had a new (cheap) outfit every week. Years later, I still wear some of the same items I bought while working there.

  17. LOVE this post!!! Good for you investing in your marriage! Love Andrew’s comment. Am pregnant now but have been dying for leather pants for so long I’ve decided they’ll be my “push present” to myself next fall/winter when I’m (hopefully) finally fit enough to wear them. motivation + reward. ha! So glad you got some and are loving them!

  18. Love the look!

    I know you are a tall lady–I am 5’11. Were the Zara pants long enough for you? I’m thinking they would have to come to the top of the ankle to look good, or need to be worn with boots. AQs a vegetarian, I don’t know if I could wear leather pants, even though I wear leather shoes. Somehow in my mind there is a difference…

  19. I absolutely love your blog!!! I found you while going through’s archive of 2009 Beautiful People. You totally stood out that I had to check out your blog. Love the pants and have got to get them at some point.

    I can totally relate to your post today.

    Great job!! Looking forward to reading more.


  20. Sadly, I have Beyonce thighs. And not in a good way. Boo. But I love the look! Guess I can be glad that I get to save my pennies, right? Sigh…

  21. Ladies, don’t ever feel bad for spending money on yourselves. We work hard to earn what we do and whether your ‘splurge’ is a $30 lipstick or a $900 pair of pants – go for it and enjoy!!!!!

  22. I took the plunge after I shared your story with my husband and he totally saw Andrew’s point of view :) thais Erin! I can’t wait to get them!

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