Bramasole…For Rent!

What woman hasn’t seen Under the Tuscan Sun?

Really? you haven’t?

Okay, you must. If only for the HOUSE! And thanks to Hooked on Houses, I found out that not only is Bramasole, the real star of the film (sorry Diane Lane), actually a real villa in Tuscany, but it’s available for RENT! And bonus, it’s been renovated beautifully!

I think we should have an EOS Retreat there. It’ll be all wine, sun, Pinterest, celebrity gossip and decorating classes and fashion makeovers! And wine. Wait, did I mention that already? Who’s with me?


  1. I can’t even begin to explain how obsessed I’ve always been with that movie. Knowing that the house is for rent makes me want to squeal! Had I known about this sooner, I totally would have planned a destination wedding at this very location.

  2. I visited Bramasole in the spring of 2001. I dragged my husband (then-fiance, what a keeper) there after reading the book on a layover in Europe. Cortona was so charming with a photograph around every corner. The food, the market, the shops – all so memorable. Bramasole itself was…. less than expected. Less grand than I thought it would be, maybe due to its proximity to the road or maybe just how I built it up in my head. But I only saw the outside and always imagined how wonderful it was inside. Thanks for reminding me I’m overdue for a trip to Italy. Might have to take the great husband though…

  3. omg, now on the top of my bucket list. I just introduced my daughter to the movie last week. I was obsessed with the movie and loved the book and even the book about the house. Even rented a villa in Tuscany after seeing it. Tried to fine Bramasole but couldn’t. Unrequited love. i need to win the lottery and go back!

  4. When you go, you’re going to have to have someone to translate, take care of the logistics, teach art + art history classes, and interior design classes (so you can lay by the pool and drink wine). I can do all of those, so call me when you’re ready!!!
    :) Victoria Lyon

  5. When is the retreat? I want in. Looks amazing. We can Livestream and make everyone jealous.

  6. I loved that movie because of the house and the whole idea of running away to Italy! I’m in and know a bunch of women who would go too! I hear the glasses clinking now….

  7. I am so in. Cheers! Tobi Fairley does design camp in Arkansas, why can’t we have EOS design camp in Tuscany?

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