Paris: Part 1

Ahhh Paris. I never thought it would be possible to forget the magic that this city radiates, but I had. Even in January with clouds overhead and rain most days, it was amazing. You forget living in America how much beauty and history there is in the world sometimes….

Everything is gorgeous, from the metros to nearly every single door (has no one done a coffee table book about the doors of Paris- and the hardware? If not, I will)

Notre Dame…. even the CHURCH had amazing wallpaper!

Isle de Louis- unreal in it’s cuteness (and I ran into Roberto Cavalli on the street there and almost freaked out)

Bridges covered in lock with lovers names on them, representing their everlasting bond… totally exasperated Andrew’s business sense that no one was selling locks anywhere near there.

A quick snap at the Rodin Museum gardens. I was FREEZING.

Ahhh, The Ritz.  Flower arrangements to die for as well as shoes. I really might need these stripe/leopard/yellow snakeskin heels.

And this is what a $45 drink looks like. We went to Bar Hemingway and amazingly, it was worth it. 2 rounds worth it.

The Ralph lauren store on Saint Germain is REDONKULOUS.

But the most indescribable shop was Deyrolle. And while taxidermy is polarizing and sad, this place too our breath away with it’s displays, color and layering.

And then as we were leaving we walked out onto the sidewalk and saw this….

…and after having to look thrice and getting a good laugh, we of course tried to come up with clever captions for this picture…

“What is the return policy on tigers?”

“Mom’s online shopping has really gone too far”

(insert your own here)

Check back tomorrow as I will be posting images from the UNBELIEVABLE Maison & objet furniture show! Au revoir!


  1. Lovely!! I want to go so bad. At least I can see much of the city through your photos. My friend in collage created a book of images for her mom who has an obsession with doors from photos she had taken over there. It was super cool, but nothing she tried to market. Go for it!

  2. Oh I have Paris ENVY! The feel, the ambiance, the gorgeous window displays, the confections, the bridges, the details in the plaster…oh everything! Thanks for sharing this with me..I feel like this post was just for ME :)


  3. Beautiful photos!! Can’t wait to revisit when I have more time to look over them. After high school graduation I was lucky enough to spend the Summer there. It was lovely and amazing. I was too young to know how blessed I was.
    Happy you had a great trip

  4. I kept on hitting refresh for today’s post, and you didn’t disappoint.

    I had forgotten how Paris is all in the details, love your post today. Thank you for sorting through all your pics. It’s inspired me to make sure I go through mine from trips past, otherwise one forgets the things that one found so inspiring at the time!

    Life really is in the details!

  5. Love your photos!!! Thank you so much for sharing part of your trip with us, I feel like I have been transported back to Paris, and I’m hoping to get some ideas from you for our next trip!

  6. Thanks for all the lovely Paris photos! It makes me miss it even more. I will definitely make it back in 2012 Musee Rodin is one of my favourites! Where did you guys stay?

  7. A trip to Paris is definitely what everyone needs, even in January! Beautiful pics. I especially love the pink outdoor cafe chairs…why do all cafe chairs in America have to be tan….

  8. Dear Erin,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing vacation pictures, I’m going to have to come back to this post as a reference for my return trip to Paris, someday in the future.


  9. Wow! Such an amazing trip! Thank you so much for letting us be armchair travelers. I had a layover through Paris on my way home from Nigeria a few weeks ago and I prayed and prayed something would go wrong so I could layover there for the weekend but alas that didn’t happen. Your wrap-up is the next best thing =)

  10. I took a winter trip to Paris a couple years ago and it was one of my most memorable vacations. The city is open and ready for you! And there is fine sentiment in a hot cheese crepe and a single macaroon on a chilly walk. I want to go back! Thanks for reminding me :)

  11. Great pics….. lovely Paris, oh lovely Paris, you never disappoint!

    The lock bridge is fascinating, which bridges? never seen that before!

  12. Erin, really wonderful pics!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them. I am dying to get back there someday- and really the pictures make me want to go even more so. Can’t wait for info on Maison de Objet

  13. I swear I thought you once mentioned you were very tall? If you are, then your husband must be a man mountain! You look teeny tiny in that picture!:)

  14. Stunningly beautiful and brings back memories! I walked by some of those exact spots, particularly on Isle de Louis and I know that store with the golden interior….ahhhhh so wonderful! Looks like a magical time!

  15. You stupid cow, laughing about the tiger and thinking that’s funny. I really hope your kids will be displayed or used as that poor tiger is! Then… we shall see if you think is funny. Stupid fashionista cow, stupid boyfriend, stupid laughs.

  16. Hi Vio,

    This is the father of the future children you hope will be stuffed and displayed like the Tiger because my wife took a picture of it. Thanks for the wishes. You seem completely together and with it and I hope you have continued success with your opinions.



  17. Amazing. I am truly at a loss for words Erin! To be completely emersed in that place- I can only imagine. Thanks so much for the photos! Wow!

  18. Amazing! Love all of the photos, Paris is such an amazing city!
    I feel like the Tiger’s crate should say “BREAKABLE” instead of FRAGILE…just to be ironic…crazy?

  19. And Vio, you should take your verbal red paint elsewhere, if you don’t adore this blog as much as the rest of us then please, bugger off.

  20. Do you have Vio’s email address, Erin? I understand feeling that taxidermy is not for laughing about, but really, why read your blog if she feels such disrespect for you? And to equate taxidermied children to animals ( and we all know I LOVE animals) borders on a threat.

  21. Darling Vio, bless your heart, you angry woman! What on earth are you doing here? And I take it you have something against cows? Poor little cows! What did they ever do to you?

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