Jamaican Me Crazy

While I am delighted to be gallivanting off to Paris on Thursday, I am a wee bit craving some vitamin D courtesy of the sun and not just from my Whole Foods supplements. When I saw the images of Emily’s trip to Jamaica’s Goldeneye I let out an audible groan of pleasure.  I simple adore the laid back vibe this place has- not to mention the crystal blue waters and breezy rooms.  Owned by famed music producer Chris Blackwell, this little piece of heaven used to be owned by Ian Flemming- of James Bond fame. Makes it just that much cooler….or is that hotter?

(p.s. love the batik trimmed towels and bedding by Royal Hut)

Images courtesy of Goldeneye, Into the Gloss and Architectural Digest.


  1. That ocean. That bar. That picture of the house from the water. I am going to take a moment to daydream that I’m pulling up to that pad right now for a few weeks of pure relaxation. Mmmm.

  2. Erin that setting and all of the natural elements, yes I too love love it! The provenance is not too bad either!


    Art by Karena

  3. It’s kind of embarrassing that I know this because I obviously watch way too much TV, but my love of design used to extend to watching MTV Cribs – and I thought this place looked familiar. I think it’s the same property Naomi Campbell showed on her episode in Jamaica… not sure if she actually owned it or what?

  4. Ahhhhh thanks for reminding me I’m broke. That place is toooooooooooo FAB for words. I’m going to have to stop coming by this blog!

  5. That looks like a George Nakashima table behind the couch in photo #1. To die for! Or kill for, actually…

  6. Oh wow. I don’t know if I have ever seen any place more lovely. The people who made that happen are geniuses. So pretty.


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