The Power of Purple

I was talking with one of my studio mates about purple being “so huuuuuuuge” right now in interiors and fashion.  I know for a lot of people purple is a color that immediately feels feminine and juvenile, but it is so not the case!  While, yes, I did enjoy putting purple ligatures on my braces in middle school (which looked mighty fine, let me tell you), I’ve come very far in my love of the color. When used right is such a wonderful, mature mood creator- for a deep moody aubergine to a light and lifting lilac, purple has so many personalities.  It looks amazing with grey, gold, citron, red and of course, a crisp white.  Take a look at some of these purple rooms and see if it changes your mind about purple.

See how amazing it looks paired with a pop of red or burnt orange?

It’s almost a neutral when done in it’s lightest grey/lilac form.

SO crisp with white. It’s as if it emanates it’s own wattage!

Scared? Try just a pop.

These rooms don;t scream PURPLE, but the dash of the much color add so much dimension and interest!

So classic and clean yet traditional ad modern at the same time!

Again, with the red. It’s soooooo good!

Kelly Wearstler approves, and uses it with a grey/blue with much success!

Design Liz Caan, who happens to be from Newton, MA, a part of Boston that I’m looking to move do, created this DREAM closet using purple. Hello, I would cut off an appendage a la Aaron Ralston for this closet.

Say what? I’d sleep in there too.

Her shop in Newton Center is exactly what I hope to have some day. EXACTLY. And look at that fabulous purple Cole & Sons wallpaper!

Images via Pinterest, Decorpad, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Liz Caan, Travel for Design


  1. Such a perfect post for me! I always hated purple until last year. Purple was the rival school color from my alma mater, the beloved Kansas Jayhawks. So it was always ‘down with purple!’ However, this last spring I had a change of heart and made valances and curtains of various purple shades. I compliment the room with black, gold, and white accents and a pair of blueberry colored chairs. My mom was astounded when she walked in the door. “Well, I never thought I’d see you with a purple room…but it does look good.” :)

  2. Love it. I always love a nice rich dark purple, and I’m totally contemplating a purple chaise right now for the living room.

  3. Nope.

    I’m a fan of a little bit of lavender, or a dash of eggplant, but the medium shades make me sad. And other than the palest lavender, I would never cover a whole wall in it. But to each their own!

    Room #5 gets it just right for me.

  4. You had me at Purple! :) It’s alwasy been my favorite color. I used to beg my mom to let me paint my room purple, and she never would let me. Maybe if she had seen these wonderfully beautiful rooms she would have?! That closet is a dream, and the dining chairs with the purple upholstery are fabulous.

  5. Love, love, love purple and always have. I painted my livingroom and diningroom that lilac/gray from the sixth picture like ten years ago. So my daughter and I are looking for new paint this weekend and I buy the same paint to refresh the diningroom and livingroom. Its just classically beautiful imo and I see no reason to change it. That first purple is ridiculously tempting for my office. <3

  6. very nice! and very appropriate because today is glaad spirit day, where people wear purple in support of lgbt youth

  7. Love the purple. And I moved to Newton from Boston two years ago and haven’t looked back. Such an amazing city, and I can get downtown in 15 minutes. Happy hunting!

  8. Purple has always been my favorite color and I love when it is used in interiors. HB Home was recently featured in House Beautiful showcasing a lot of purple! I also have a theory top that is very purple and is by far my favorite g0-to top!

  9. My mother painted her dining room purple 10 years ago and at first people thought she was crazy. But after having dinner in it, everyone raved and it was eventually photographed and published! Ahead of her time, my mom, ahead of her time.

  10. I think I’d quickly get tired of it on walls and ceilings but I love lilac or deep plum accents…they add lovely sophistication to any room. :)

  11. Purple is a great color for interiors, because it can be moody, sophisticated or just plain fun. Plus, I’ve heard wearing purple makes the skin look healthier, the perfect color when you’re tired or hungover.

  12. You should see the October issue of House Beautiful, the cover and the 10 pages inside show a design firm HB Home, there are many amazing images showing purple and lavender. A must see!

  13. thank you thank you thank you – this was just the inspiration I needed for a project I’m working on! Absolutely love the dream closet and that chair is incredible

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