New England Fall Inspiration.

There is something so magical about fall in New England. It’s my favorite time of year. Somehow, we are still in the 80’s though which is actually bumming me out! I love the typically moderate crisp weather and cozy sweaters as the leaves turn, so being in a tank top is sending me for a loop.  This time of year always reminds of that great line in You’ve Got Mail about how it makes you want to buy bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils! :)

Can I live here please? Thanks.

There is NOTHING preppier than an old Wagoneer! I still love this car!


  1. Fun fact, the picture on the top right is in Woodstock, Vermont and actually belongs to one of the members of Aerosmith.

  2. Love You’ve Got Mail! I always think of that line in the fall :) All of these photos are so autumnal, which makes me long for some fall weather. It’s been unseasonably warm here in Philadelphia too, although we haven’t quite hit the 80’s!

  3. You’ve Got Mail is seriously one of my favorite movies. And, when I got married—like IN MY CEREMONY–I said “for as long as we both shall live” with the exact same intonations that Tom Hanks said it to Meg Ryan on the bridge at the end. I didn’t do it intentionally, but it totally came out that way. I’m sure NO ONE caught it besides me–it’s my own inside joke. Me and Joe Fox. F-O-X.

    It’s from this scene:

    ANYWAY, all that to say, I love the movie and absolutely everything is this mood board.

  4. Love this post and am wearing the J.Crew cape today now that it’s sweater weather in Boston! I think I HAVE TO HAVE that orange clutch. If you know where it came from I will be forever in your debt for sharing!

  5. I want the boots on the girl with the orange skirt. Where did you find them, or where can I buy them?

  6. I love love love this post, being from Massachusetts and now living in Washington State I am SOOO homesick for New England in the fall, definitely the best time of year there!!! Nothing like it. However after looking at this post I feel the need to go change (where is my amazing orange clutch???).

  7. Love this post! Fall really is the BEST time of year. The wagoneer is my dream car, my husband says that one may just appear in our driveway on my 40th birthday… but that’s 9 more years away :) until then, it’s just fun to admire them in pictures.

  8. I LOVE ‘You’ve Got Mail’! This time of year reminds me of that movie too :-) Great images! Lovingggg all of the fall colors!


  9. orange clutch is marc by marc jacobs- they have all the colors in the newbury store- I was oggling them this past weekend!

  10. Stop it! You’re making me miss New England! I just *barely* put it behind me! OK, no, it isn’t really possible to set New England behind… Thanks for the mix of fashion and interiors, always. Saw the last pic with the gray skirt and suddenly had a clue what to do with mine. I’d seriously be COMPLETELY LOST without your fashion sense!

  11. Fall….loves me….. this sophisticated post…..the images. classic fall….bring it back~
    Fall….loves me not….the 80 degree temps make wearing cashmere such a challenge…..and I loathe how Autumn goes all crazy on people and they decorate sweaters and houses with bats, spiders and such. I love a good classic fall. Pumpkins, mums, leaves…mulled cider and a roaring fire.

  12. You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie of all time! So classic and innocent! I share Kathleen Kelly’s love of the smell of Scotch Tape too :)

  13. All you New Englanders are making me jealous! We lived in your neck of the woods for a short year and a half, and I want to come back. This 2-season California weather is not agreeing with me.

  14. … i love my new england too at this time of year. i’m just a hop over north from you, so i can actually live what your posting. lucky us! i just posted my fall inspiration (“inspired by”) page on my site, also…. like minds.–deb

  15. Love this round up…definitely puts me in the mood for fall…now if it would only get here! Another day of rain here on LI :( I’m currently dreaming up Halloween decorating on my blog…black, white and sparkle!

  16. I love this post! Anyone know where the image of the black shirt / orange skirt / brown boots is from?

  17. Gorgeous post! Am now homesick for fall in Maine! Live in OR now, and it’s beautiful here, but there is nothing quite like a New England Autumn. :) Oh, and the boots are to die for. LOVE!

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