I Went to Fashion Week and All I Got Were Crappy Blackberry Pics.

First of all, I need an iPhone. Sprint needs to hurry up.

A couple weeks ago I received a very exciting invitation in the mail to the Tory Burch Spring 2012 runway show during NY Fashion Week. Having never been to a show before, I thought now was the perfect time to dip my toe in the heady (and heavily perfumed) waters of the fashion world and share the experience with you!
First, can we discuss this invitation? The card stock was so thick you could serve a glass of wine on the thing. The colored edge gave me inspiration for new business cards. Delicious paper goods make ALL the difference (i.e. made me want to go badly).

I arrived, in classic me fashion, 20 minutes early…to a 9 am show. In case you weren’t aware, this is not cool in the fashion world, but I can’t help myself- I must be early everywhere.  After standing for 15 minutes in 4″ Brian Atwood heels I just simply had to sit. So I was one of the first to take her seat. Whatevs. I kinda felt like a nerd, but I had to just get over it.  And then THE Aerin Lauder walked in and sat down right after me and I thought we Erin/Aerin’s have got it right. What’s wrong with being on time and sitting the hell down!?!? Anna Della Russo came in fashionably late in some neon crochet number and looked like she needed a Boniva prescription BADLY. Shoulders back, girlfriend.

The paparazzi/ fashion photogs were clicking away from the get go. The sound of their shutters is so insect-like, buzzing in your ear until you don’t notice it anymore. Apparently the Tory live stream feed camera man liked me and kept showing me, hopefully not slouching, staring gaping mouthed or rolling my eyes.  Luckily I was seated next to Meaghan of the famous The Purse Blog who was friendly and such a fun bench-mate! She helped me decide on my next big bag purchase (I’m not telling-yet).

At each seat was a sheet listing each look for each model. I saw “Daria” and thought they mean Daria Werbowy, whom I LOVE. But it wasn’t. Drat. But Arizona Muse sure is purrrrty.

And then who sits down in his pink pants and navy blazer glory right next to my row? Brad from Rachel Zoe! He is adorbs, and his outfit was delightful.  How the girl behind him got anything from the Target Missoni Collection on the day of it’s release before 9am is beyond me. Oh wait, it’s called PR connections.

About the models: these girls 1) walk so damn fast 2) need a few grilled cheeses and 3) looked like someone just ran over their dog. Why can’t models smile and sashay? Or maybe skip? Ok, I’ll settle for a smirk! i would be like “Check me out, I get paid A LOT to dress up and play with makeup all day long! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

But man was it cool to see them parade down that runway!  Such a wonderful display of American design and such an iconic moment when they did the final walk. Watch the show on her site!

And then it was over. SO fast! And everyone took off for their next show (VEra Wang it seemed) whom you know I have major beef with so I would never go, not that I was invited!

What did I wear? Well, I was able to snap a blurry Blackberry pic in the Zara dressing room (where I took respite after the show). An EmersonMade tie neck blouse (mine is old, this one linked is the new version), JCrew No. 2 Pencil skirt, Tory Burch Louisa cross body bag (sold out- here is another version), Brian Atwood nude patent leather pumps (bought second-hand), Hermes/Stella & Dot bracelets and gold Coach watch (way old)  and H&M gold hoops. Messy side bun and light makeup to complete the look. It was cuter than this pic shows. I actually, for once, was pleased with my outfit- AFTER panicking on Sunday and buying an anxiety-induced boatload of Tory at Neimans and then wearing none of it (because it was all so $$$) and planning to return tomorrow. My AmEx is sighing in relief. But I am sad to return this (in grey-green though). REALLY sad. It’s the most perfect fitting leather jacket ever!!

The show seemed to have a French seaside in the 40’s vibe.  While some of the silhouettes were not my favorite (frumpy seems to be IN for 2012- check out this outfit from J.Crew’s presentation) there were some real gems! Check HERE for some behind the scenes shots that show more of the details of the pieces!

Speaking of gems, this bedazzled tank and trimmed jacket was amazing- I would pair with distressed skinny ankle jeans and great gold heels!

This jacket on it’s own is a great Chanel knock-off style. I didn’t love the head to toe, but again, with a nude tank and white jeans and heels it’ll be amazing!

This looked so spectacular in person as the center of the navy flowers were SO sparkly! Such a unique look and really charming in person! (and as you might notice with that pink pant leg, Mr. Brad Goreski moved to the front row after what looked like some furious Blackberry-ing about how he was seated with BLOGGERS. The horror! :)

You know I will buy anything with stripes on it, this cute double breasted cardigan included! Mark my words ladies, the color of spring 2012 is bright, bold, event neon YELLOW.

I friggin’ DIED over this minty green drapey number. I let out a groan, it was embarrassing. But look at this! And it was 100% better in person! So dramatic and flowy!

And a similar dress in nude that I am sure will be seen on many a celebrity soon! With a bold earring and shoe it could be so funky!

All in all, it was exciting, inspirational, exhilarating and I want to thank the people at DBA and Tory Burch for the invite!


  1. Hi Erin! I met you at Saks on Sunday in the TB department and was awaiting this entry after we talked about your invitation to the Tory show! It looks like you had a fabulous time at the show and your outfit turned out great (Tory or no Tory!) It was a pleasure to meet you! Cheers!

  2. Shannon! Thanks so much for your help- I’m keeping that Rebecca Minkoff top, I love it. But I might be seeing you this afternoon with the vest and jacket! :( :( Thanks for checking in!!!

  3. Loved your honesty saying exactly how you felt about the show and showing us the scenario. I totally loved your outfit and let me tell you that blouse looks better in you than in the website’s model.. If I had only saw it in the website I would have never thought of buying it but it looks great! I agree with the smiling models! though I have heard serious faces transmit luxe and uniqueness (like “I am not available for everyone and not expecting your approval, I am good!”) however I rather some smiles as well!

  4. I’m glad you had an amazing time. You of course look gorgeous! Thanks for the report, I love almost everything Tory Burch, I’m sure her invites were amazing! Miss you! xx.


  5. Why are you soooo damn well put-together and gorgeous?! My resentment will not fade until you let me wear your grandmother’s fur around town for a day.

  6. I’m totally with you on the Sprint iPhone… You look so amazing – I absolutely love your outfit!!! Thanks for sharing the event in your words it totally made me laugh out loud!

  7. I absolutely love your outfit! I ‘ve been eyeing that Emerson top for some time but haven’t been able to take the $ plunge on the shirt – seeing it on someone other than her makes me want it even more – the whole look was great. Thanks for sharing the details – I love nearly anything Tory!

  8. wow! so very cool, even with “just” your BB pics – i wish i had a crappy pic of brad goreski! and your outfit was perfect. thanks for sharing, i love TB!

  9. Love the show, but OMG really LOVE! the invitaiton. I just got new biz cards & had the edges painted, makes me feel like I was ahead of the curve for once!

  10. That is sooo cool Erin! Love it, It must have been so nerve wrecking leading up to the event and finding an outfit but what you ultimately choose was fab! :)

    Tory Burch is definitely a great American designer. And that card is def thick! Speaking of which, where do you get your business cards made? I’m in the Boston area too, or do you make them yourself somehow? Would love to know.

    Thanks for sharing the pic!

  11. Hi Erin, wonderful post..your outfit was so chic and fabulous. This show looked to be one of Tory’s best~such gorgeous feminine pieces. Thanks for sharing your day.

  12. I love your commentary and honesty and I hope mine doesnt offend you, it’s meant in the nicest way possible. Your recap of New York was fabulous, I felt like I was right there! How exciting for you, but I feel like you came off catty with the Boniva comment. It was kinda offensive, and I dont want you bringing any negative karma your way..because it all comes back one way or another. You may choose not to publish this and thats okay, because I am know that this was not meant to bring you down or make you feel bad in any way. Take care, and positive energy to you! Oh and you looked so beautiful in your fashion show outfit, it was styled perfectly (hair, accesories). Loved it!!!

  13. Erin, Loved the your recap of the show – that was soo cool! Dying to attend one in my lifetime! I think it’s hilarious that Brad had to move up – great observation! And not to sweat about the Vera Wang show – have you seen the runway shots? Her review was not as glowing as Tory Burch’s. But I did have a great laugh, when I clicked on your J.Crew frump photo…I actually think that blouse is so on-trend – but sooo great to have a difference in opinions!

  14. You look adorable, probably the best dressed there that I can see. ( I’m so glad I didn’t try for any of the Target Missoni clothes, don’t like it). I like the first outfit and the nude gown only. Whose seat did the guy in the pepto pants take? No patience for obnoxious people like that. Can’t wait to see what purse you are buying. Last month I bought Kate Spades Bixby in black for my b-day. So cute.

  15. Wow! So cool! I dream of attending a show. I’m living vicariously through you and this post! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love your outfit. Thanks for sharing! Why don’t I love the Missoni stuff? With all of the choices, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy. My local Target was full of the stuff and no one was even looking at it (people around here are not that interested in fashion news), while my friend in CT said her shelves were empty by 10 am. Now if Target did a collection with Marc Jacobs, I would be camping out. If only…

  17. Two weeks before Christmas, I was walking down Madison Avenue and happened to be right behind Aerin Lauder and (I’m assuming) her boys. She was dressed cool in jeans, boots, and a simple black coat. She looked so perfectly and simply chic.

  18. OMG you had an amazing time! I have to say I am quite proud of myself…I got that Missoni sweater and am wearing it and blogged about it today! Tee hee. xoxo

  19. Oh man, I love your voice in this post. It’s so you. Awesome. I would die over that invite as well. I’d frame it lol.

  20. First, as per usu Loved your outfit! I have that skirt in my closet…nothing fits a woman better than a J.CREW pencil skirt! Your rundown was fab…so much to learn in the fashion world…I would have been scared to death! I’m sure this will be the first of many invites to come:)

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us! Sounds like a FAB time!!!! I love your wit in this post…..made me smile!

    You look absolutely gorgeous in your outfit….Love, love, love!

  22. You are so funny, I laugh so much, I turned one of my friends onto your blog because your commentary makes me lol! And you have great taste, keep it up!!

  23. First off, Erin, I love how real you are! In a world (and blog world) where all I seem to notice is people speaking of how “great” everything is, I was beginning to wonder if there was truth to it all. But I admire you and I’m so happy to see that you’re the first to tell the truth when you saw a design that was actually appalling, rather than saying “how fabulous it was”! To be honest I was beginning to get turned off by all the blog FW talk; which is not how I’ve naturally felt in the past. Just know that you are amazing and inspiring, and it’s “no duh” why the camera kept panning to you: Authenticity! Your outfit was gorgeous! (Truth speaking).

  24. This is so fun – they (TB) would be stupid not to invite you to the show (it’s nice of you to thank them, but seriously, your blog is read by soooo many people and so this blog is free ads for them, huh? TB should be thanking you!)

    Love the jackets and the sequin top. And the colors are so refreshing! Thanks for the fun post!!!!

    PS _Love your outfit!!! Wish I could just have you in my closet every day to help me pick out my clothes for the day. And thank you as always for being so darn honest – nothing wrong with second hand. I love to brag about my second hand designer jeans when I saved $130 off retail + recycling is cool :)

    PPS_You will be so happy when Sprint finally has the Iphone. LOVE mine to death!

  25. what an amazing experience! the invite is to DIE for. ah, i want to have a part worthy of sending out something so fabulous… and speaking of fabulous, YOU looked amazing! killer ensemble – and beautiful girl. you rocked it!

  26. You get invited to a fashion show in New York and still aren’t happy??? You come off sounding ungrateful and I realize now that’s because you actually are ungrateful. It’s like you’re never happy. Maybe you should up your meds instead of suggesting that someone else needs them. Really, what did you expect? For Tory Burch to personally come out and kiss your ass? Keep writing posts like this and I can guarantee you won’t be getting any more invitations.

  27. FWIW, I have been a long time follower and admirer of you and the blog. When people like DD come on here and make those comments it makes me wonder about their meds. It’s a blog. It’s an opinion…one that has been respected enough to be invited to a FW event. It is her honest opinion that her readers appreciate…if she has to drool over someone because she was invited…well…that is selling out. I for one commend her for continuing to speak her mind. Keep up the good work and ignore the few mental midgets that comment every so often.

  28. This recap is hilarious. You looked amazing! I feel you on several things: 1. Sprint is taking for-ev-er with that damn iPhone. I hear October (OMG!) but we’ll see, then you have to wait for your upgrade $, so I might be waiting until May! 2. Doing the crazed shopping thing before a big event in NYC, I did that a few weeks ago. Shopped for 8 hours straight, and bought “the outfit” at the last store I went to even though it was the first one I thought I should go to. Sheesh, and I returned a few things from that crazed shopping experience. And please dish about your beef with Vera? I’m curious!

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