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As I ponder homes I also have been pondering kitchen appliances.  To be honest, most of the time when I design kitchens I work with certified kitchen designers or an architect to lay out and pick these pieces (or the homeowner already knows what they want- 99% of the time it’s Subzero/Viking).  Even though for me “cooking” usually consists of whipping up an Old El Paso taco kit for my husband and myself, I still dream of a sexy oven/range to stare at.  They tend to be the showpiece of the kitchen and there are so many great looking ones at different price points. Granted, the best looking ones are the price of a vacation to Paris or a small Honda, but a smaller budget does not mean an ugly oven!

La Cornue is the creme de la creme in my book- such a thing of beauty, even though I have NO IDEA how you bake in there. Do you open the doors to check on your goods? Doesn’t matter, they are SO gorgeous (better looking than the famous AGA in my humble opinion) That chrome and brass trim just SLAYS me.

Bertazzoni is a close second with it’s bold color choices, compact design and option for that sexy trim style I mentioned above. Swoon.

Fratelli Onofri has such a classic, old school look with it’s knobs and hardware details, but you CAN see inside through cute curved windows! And I love how you can get the hardware in brass (because brass is back, baby)

GAH! This thing is a piece of art!

Viking is the go to for high end ranges, but I prefer their colorful small styles.  Although the big momma looks pretty sweet in Windsor Smith’s kitchen!

Smeg, of the cute old refrigerators, has one heck of a sleek looking model for a more modern kitchen.

Going the Sears route, Bosch and Fridgidaire have GREAT design for reasonable price (and we have had a Bosch for a year and have had NO issues!)

And I LOVE the high end look of this KitchenAid range! There is something “Viking” looking about the label too!

Fridgidaire and Electrolux also have some really handsome ranges!

Now if I could just learn to love cooking (baking, I adore, cooking not as much…)


  1. I agree – I love an antique or vintage looking range! Aga appliances and great as well. And I just love anything that comes in a pretty enamel colored finish!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  2. I love the La Cornue range but I have to say I’m a bit partial to Aga; My fiance’s Irish grandmother had one and any time he sees one he tells me it reminds him of his summers spent in Ireland with her. Great post!

  3. I am soooo looking forward to your move to suburbia..the decorating process will be a feast for our eyes..and inspiration for me to decorate my new home (actually 100 year old home in massive need of work) on the North Shore. You’re the best!

  4. This might be a “duh” comment but we’re about to purchase a new oven for our kitchen (of the Sears variety) and I noticed that all of these have one thing in common – controls/knobs on the front and never at the back against the wall. I wonder if that is the simplest way to have a low budget oven look more high end? Great post, thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Lindsay…I think the difference is that any gas range would need to keep the knobs in the front…reaching over an open flame is frowned upon. An electric stove doesn’t have as big a concern…although I still think reaching over hot surfaces should be avoided…not sure why I felt the need to respond…but there is my 2 cents.

  6. Who knew stoves could be such a work of art?! I love all these colors. Especially the teal and gold one. Oooh the gold one. I am starting to vision my kitchen of gold. But that stove is absolutely stunning. I just might have to go stove shopping and put it in storage until the day I buy a house!

  7. I have a bosch titanium stove (white and stainless) and I love it! The white/stainless combo is so much cooler than the typical black/stainless. Although I”d sure love a pretty color viking!

  8. Am meeting with our architect this week to go over our new kitchen, and we are definitely going the less expensive route! I pitched a fit at first because I wanted the Subzero/Viking combination…instead I think we are going with a GE Cafe range and Kitchenaid fridge because I realized that I would rather be able to afford the counter/backsplash/floor/drawer pulls/lighting of my dreams than spend bucketloads of money on appliances (and have a laminate countertop.)

  9. La Cornue and the Fratelli = yes please sign me up. Wow. I seriously need to start saving now for the kitchen I want to someday have. All the ranges in this post put my sad little Whirpool range (in plain white no less — my landlady has no taste) to SHAME.

  10. We purchased a GE Monogram range when we bought our house last year and I LOVE it. It’s on par with the Wolf/Viking ranges, but we were fortunate to get a substantial GE discount through my boyfriend’s employer. The top 5 things I like about it are 1) you can turn the gas burners down super low 2) One of the burner grates can be flipped over to accomdate a wok 3) It looks nice (stainless, large professional knobs, and no huge digital display) 4) It bakes evenly and also has a convection option 5) The inside of the oven is a beautiful cobalt blue color that makes me seriously happy every time I open the door.

    Happy appliance hunting!

  11. We went with kitchenaid for our kitchen. As much as I loved the look of the viking I knew it wasn’t in the budget. I’ve been very happy with the look and performance of the kitchenaid.

  12. I love your sense of style! Do you have any recommendations for a Boston area kitchen designer? And congrats on your Grange win!

  13. I just went to the grand opening of Fixtures Living in Costa Mesa CA and they have a turquoise La Cornue on display! I died… I would be on cloud nine to design a kitchen around that. However, in “real life” I would probably get a Bosch, they look great and cook great too:)

  14. When I visited the blog, definitely did not think I would see a post about stoves. But you have good point. Something other than a boring stove helps bring your kitchen to life.

  15. We got the most expensive Bosch dishwasher and it has been a nightmare! Go with Kitchen Aid instead! We also got two Perrin and Rowe faucets for our two farmhouse sinks and the sprayer on one of the faucets has now stopped working! Very disappointing! We went with a Five Star range (my husband loves to cook) and it is great but very powerful! All of our other appliances are Subzero and Viking which are working out well…

    IF you use a designer or architect make sure you get someone that can design on the computer and show you images in 3D. Very important!

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