AccessoriesAugust 31, 2011

To the Sea

I have never found anything as calming as spending time on the ocean.  Staring out at the sea gives the same tranquil effect as the best prescription (in my, ahem, experienced opinion).  That’s why when I saw these large scale prints of photographer Mary Ellen Bartley’s work at Ruby Beets in Sag Harbor, NY I fell in love! They illustrate the crystal calm, tumultuous darkness and sparkling magic of the ocean in various seasons. A new goal in life is to own one of these gorgeous pieces!

This week we in the Northeast also saw how powerfully destructive water can be as many communities suffered flooding from Irene.  In particular, the area of Vermont my family owns a home in was sadly destroyed in many parts.  Please send your thoughts to those needing the courage and strength to rebuild.

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