Teeny Tiny Living

I have always been obsessed with things in miniature- small scale anything drives me bonkers with glee.  Which is why I have always loved small homes, cottages and guest houses.  When we arrived at the Carneros Inn in Napa Valley last year I think I did a cartwheel when I saw we each had our own mini-cottage to stay in instead of a hotel room.  Same goes with my recent trip to the Hamptons- instead of wishing for the waterfront mega mansions I pressed my nose to the car glass whenever I saw a teeny tiny shingled cottage (still probably with a price tag well over a million though…)

These small homes designed by Marianne Cusato were based on her designs for FEMA homes after Katrina.  People admired the small scale living concept and Lowe’s began selling the house plans.

Tiny space, big style inside!

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company designs small homes for real living… I adore the cottage designs, all of which max out at no more than 874 square feet for a THREE bedroom!

Tiny Texas Houses crafts teeny homes using salvage materials- a completely green venture.

Salvage construction doesn’e mean everything looks ancient….check out the bathroom for the cottage above.  It’s designed as a guest room, not a full house, with bath and kitchenette.

Check out the old chandelier, farm sink and reclaimed tin backsplash in this cottage!

Could you dream of downsizing in the extreme?  This couple moved into a 130 square foot tiny home.  I’m not sure 6′ 4″ Andrew and I could manage….

21 Responses to “Teeny Tiny Living”

  1. Jennifer says:

    i love this! thank you for sharing. i’ve always been a fan of miniature things myself! :)

  2. I think I am the only person I know that watches design/real estate shows and complains when the house is too big! When small houses are done right like these beauties above (hello gorgeous coral and lemon numbers in the 1st and 2nd pic), they melt my heart! Saying that, I live in a teeny tiny London house at the moment and lack of storage and work space drives me nuts on a daily basis!

  3. I’m 100% with you and these are beyond adorable…I seriously LOVE every single one. I adore charming smaller homes with beautiful details- these are all just so quaint and lovely….thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. I have been staring at these house plans at Lowe’s for years and daydreaming of nestling one in a secluded spot just for me to escape. :) They are precious.

  5. jillian says:

    these homes are just adorable! i would love to own a little cottage. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. LindenLincoln says:

    I will now spend the rest of my daydreaming about building a tiny house. Another great post!!!

  7. Great post, we all fantasize about living like this. The video is fascinating, the couple is forced to be in close proximity to each other so getting along would be mandatory! Would require courtesy and respect from both.

  8. sami says:

    omg i love these cute hobbit homes :)
    esp. the colorful ones at the top of the post!


  9. Tara says:

    My dad’s girlfriend talks about these tiny homes! She loves the idea and the cute cottage feel!

  10. I have been dreaming about escaping to a small house someday, they are so cute and cozy….maybe one day.

  11. Cecilia says:

    These are so cute. I don’t know that I could live in one 365 with the other two glorious people in my life…but they are really prety and full of style and charm! :)

  12. Isabel says:

    I love these tiny houses. So beatiful all them.
    Very nice post.


  13. I am obsessed with these houses! So so cute. If I can’t talk my husband into moving into one, maybe he would go for the idea of it being an affordable and cute guest house!?

  14. I live in a small space, 1125 square feet to be exact, and I love it. Luckily, our house is well equipped with very functional spaces, like a laundry room and extra bathroom and linen closets, etc. Small space living has its challenges, and involves alot of self-editing, but it certainly is cozy and charming. LOVE it!

  15. Jane says:

    You have plenty of great pictures up here! These houses look amazing, they are small but there are something really cool in them! I so badly want my own house one day ,,,

  16. Jaclyn says:

    Thank you for posting about this! I love your blog but sometimes our obsession with all things material can get to be a bit much and it’s important to take a reality check and think about how much we really need in life. These homes are so cute. I’m a lifelong Manhattanite and accustomed to living well in small spaces, I’d take one of these over a suburban McMansion anyday!

  17. Franki Parde says:

    Ingenius AND SMART! franki

  18. My hubby is also 6’4″ and would not fair well in a home that small, but boy are they precious! Just imagine how well organized you’d be forced to be….and with what you can actually go without!

  19. Meg says:

    When I lived in Sarasota, Florida, I lived in a teeny tiny probably not even 400 sq. ft. house WITH my husband. The good thing about such a small space is that you really think about the items you purchase, because you have no storage, and you end up only accumulating things you truly love.

  20. WOW! These are adorable. They remind me of the homes in Seaside, FL.