Outfit to Room: Atlantic-Pacific

My newest fashion blog obsession is Atlantic-Pacific.  That girl can dress, y’all. I am so not as bold, brave, creative and cool in my dressing and seeing her amazing outfits always inspires me to be a little bolder.  I also appreciate how she repeats her stuff, especially her splurges like a classic Chanel bag or killer Loubs.  I also feel like so many of her pattern and color mixes would make great rooms….so here is one of her recent outfits turned into a cool living room (using yesterday much discussed navy sofa!)


1.Jayson Home & Garden 2. Amanda Talley 3.Jonathan Adler 4.Calypso Home 5.ABC Home 6.Etsy 7.Circa Lighting 8.MGBW 9.Shop Candelabra 10.Shop Candelabra 11. Furbish

P.S. Can we discuss how OBSESSED I am with the MGBW Major chair in cream leather? Possibly MORE than the Barcelona chair now… and that is sayin’ something!


  1. Erin – Love the post about Atlantic-Pacific. I have been following her for awhile, and she truly inspires. I saw her red outfit yesterday, and decided for a pick-me-up today, I would bring out my red pants, despite the 90 degree weather here in FL. Love your inspiration board based on her outfits!!!

  2. Wait, so did i not call in yesterdays comments, brass accented coffee table (or gold leaf, same loook) and pink peonies???

    Basket table; to die for.

  3. I wish I could pull off an outfit like that!

    The bf and I are finally moving into an apt we can both fit into and I am thinking dark woods and chevron pillows with some bright, girly touches – a little bit of manly sports den meets SATC marathon girliness – and I have no clue how to pull this off (design def isn’t my thang). Do you have any examples that don’t use pink? Haha. Thanks!

  4. I ADORE her style. Did you see she was in Vogue. Very hip indeed.
    Love your boards and LOVE those chairs. amazing..xx Julie

  5. I love that navy velvet sofa! I had a friend in Chicago who broke up a very long narrow room using two navy velvet sofas back-to-back. One half of the room was a cool lounge area for entertaining with cocktails, the other was a place to chill in front of the fireplace & tv. Always coveted those sofas! I like how you adapted a great look into a very fashionable room!

  6. I would DIE to have this room in my house! But for now I’ll just have to dress like it – good thing I own those pink pants :) By the way…my vote is the navy sofa. Hands down.

  7. I love all her gold layers…and your interpretation of it is really great. I will say, that even though I said what I said yesterday, the blue velvet is buttery goodness. xoxo

  8. I love her, too! I wish I could dress that boldly in my office – but I wore yellow slacks one day and that got a little too much attention, but I sure would love those hot pink slacks! So fun. She does a great job of keeping classy fun and creative.
    Much love,

  9. I think you have created the most perfect + fabulous ultimate plan for your new living room — nailed it!
    Please invite me for cocktails when it is finished!

  10. I love the rug in your pic! Just went over to the site and she has a baaad ass red outfit on…Your challenge Erin, should you choose to except it…creating a high end GLAMOURUS RED room!

  11. Still loving the navy. In re “dressing”: you have all (creative, bold, cool, etc.,) PLUS the wisdom to know if you should. That is real style. The old saw, just because you can doesn’t mean you should, is never more applicable than when it comes to fashion. You rocked that cool frock at Stella&Dot.

  12. I love this outfit. It has all my favorite things- stripes, widelegs, pink, navy….ahhhhh can’t get enough of her! I just did a post on her too!

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