Office Inspiration: WhoWhatWear

I am always interested in seeing the offices of small fashion-based companies because I need some serious inspiration to get my own into shape. Yes, I moved into my studio over a year ago and it’s still half done and a pretty hot mess (just ask my assistant).  I am loving the clean look of the new offices of fashion site WhoWhatWear as shown on The Coveteur!

Here’s a way to get the look of the WhoWhatWear offices!

office space


  1. These are beautiful desks/offices! Love the inspiration boards the most! HOWEVER, if you are really working, you’re going to have a hot mess and that’s okay because it means you have work!! Pottery Barn has a fab system for the wall in white or black. It has helped me get the paper off my desk and into neat, labeled spaces. There’s nothing like to walking in
    to an organized office, so I just make sure I clean up before I go home!

  2. Just stunning, talk about getting inspiration in the work place, I would want to work overtime in an office that, imagine what sitting in a beautifully decked out office does for the imagination…..I would think we would all work at our personal best in a pretty setting. First time here, found you through Kate at Party Resources..we were both included on her great list of blogs that she reads! So happy to meet you and be your newest subscriber, stop by to say hi if you have a minute:)

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