Judging A Book By Its Cover…

Well, after over 24 hours with no internet I feel like I’ve been the friggin’ MOON! It’s amazing how out of touch with the world you feel without constant Wi-Fi in your life! Sheesh!
Anywhoo, I know a lot of you are like me and are completely obsessed with bookcases- I typically tend to veer towards the built in variety, but a well curated stand alone can have me weak in the knees too. After color coding all the spines of my books for a photo-shoot years ago (drawing odd looks from the hubby) I realized that the actual books themselves really make such a difference. A stack of Jodi Piccoult paperbacks just doesn’t aesthetically please quite the same way as vintage fabric hardcovers with gold lettering, huh? Cue Juniper Books where not only will they source amazing books for your collection but also custom cover your tomes in whatever you can dream up! Just look at these amazing options!

Images created along a series of spines…. GENIUS.

Wrapped in print and faux leathers….

Clean and classic with fabulous fonts….

Vintage inspired and bold colors…

Various fabric inspired prints….

Or fabric itself!

I LOVE the colors shown here- varying papers and inks that all coordinate together!

Ombre shades of pink…

Or simulated vellum covers….

And look at some of the installations they’ve done! It makes you want to curl up with a good novel (I’m reading Unbroken right now and LOVE it), doesn’t it?


  1. love these! but i would worry about my frustration level at trying to find a book i needed without going through the entire bookshelf to find it!


  2. Where do I get those foo dogs, especially the one on the bottom shelf of that white book case? I’ve been in search of them. They would look great on the shelf of my white built-ins.

  3. Based on the multiple errors in your post title, maybe you should be unwrapping those books and actually reading them.

  4. I love the monochromatic look…and kudos to those who can pull it off. But one thing I love about my books is the spine and cover design…many of them are like mini works of art (especially my art and architecture books)! While I prefer my bookshelves to have lots of color (I’ve actually color coordinated it), I do appreciate this look as well, and when I’ve seen it, its pretty extraordinary!

  5. Those cover designs are genius! The elephant cover is one of my favorite and as what I’ve seen here, even in books arrangement, you can still see an artistic way on how they organize things up.

  6. I find book aesthetically pleasing just because they’re books, I just love floor to ceiling shelves packed with books and the odd ornament or photo to break it up.

  7. Karlita…”What a Find!” How thoughtful of you to post the website! Erin…Great Post!! franki

  8. Those book covers are Brilliant! I love them all! Thank you so much for sharing. Also, I just wanted to let you know that I Love your blog! It has given me a million and one ideas!

  9. I love the title of this entry and I am obsessed with styling bookcases as well. I recently did a rummage sale in which a coworker purchased some little pots that I had on my built in living room glass shelves. Most of them were on top of a pyramid of books and when she asked me (today) where I put them, I immediately went to find inspiration for her. So this is right on time…

  10. Love your blog – but Erin, jeez, the misspelled “it’s” in the headline jumped out at me like a poke in the eye.

  11. Great idea and post! Your blog is one of the BEST out there! And for those commenting on the title – get a life! We all, including you, I’m sure, make minor typos every now and then.

  12. Great post – I love the idea of these book covers, but wonder how practical they are unless you plan on never reading your books again or have a really good filing system so you know where to go for what you’re looking for? Great images and fun concept.

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