Fashion Friday: French Girls Just Do It Better

I think I have blogged about Les Composantes before, but after perusing the fashion label’s blog for an hour I had to post some more because I am so inspired by the images on there.  I want to dress, live, work and be more French!  The laid back, feminine style is just so effortless looking. Never too trendy or overdone. It’s exactly how I want my home and my closet to be! Can I make a new resolution in August? I shall.

I only wish I could read French and know what she was writing about! Did I mention that the woman behind this brand (and the lens) is like, the most adorable thing ever? Just look!

And her clothing/bags and lifestyle shoots for her brand are FABOOSH. (yes, I’m bringing “faboosh” back).

Her new office! Are you kidding me with those herringbone floors and moulding??? Ahhhhh, love it!!!


  1. Ooh I love this! Everything is so wonderfully stylish. Now if I just could just remember all of the French I learned in school…


  2. J’aime la mode française aussi! Gorgeous site and I would love to work in that office!!!
    If you’re use Google Chrome for browsing, it should automatically offer you a translator… :)

  3. Thank you, Erin! I love that apartment!! Some entrepreneurial French woman somewhere should create classes to teach this stuff! :)

  4. Erin, I dig your prep/East Coast style. As a transplant from the East Coast to the midwest, I really, really appreciate your style – and I wish you could get past your stage fright and bring back your what I wore Fridays! Do you have a Spanish blogs you follow? I’ve been looking for some of those…

  5. Love that silk top and light pink jean short combo!! So cute! I absolutely love your blog. Read it every day.

  6. I’m always impresesd by the use of red lipstick by many French women. I’m a lip balm girl.

    But I have to say that I find your style beautiful, confident, and inviting. You’re more French than you know!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve seen a couple of these images on Pinterest and it’s nice to know the real source. I only parle a little bit, but I’m subscribing to the Les Composantes blog anyway–the images are too gorgeous not to! I really should’ve been born French…

  8. Hi Erin – I’m a big big fan of your blog – love it! I just read that High Gloss is going to end after this recent edition and I have to ask the question: Will you ever share with us your reason for leaving High Gloss? Now that the mag is coming to an end…We/I, your faithful readers would love to know what happened. The whole world of digital mags and blogs is moving and changing at such a fast pace, it is very interesting as an outsider to watch it grow and evolve…Quite honestly, I thought High Gloss never quite had the right focus…high end products geared toward a demographic that I just don’t believe sits at a computer and sifts through online mags…it never quite made sense to me…maybe that is why you left? if so, good for you! you’ve been so open and honest, we would love to know what happened!

  9. OH, NO!!! I did NOT know that “High Gloss” was ending….what??? I save these “online delights” and peruse all the time….what next?? franki

  10. Dear Erin,

    I have been following and reading your blog since I arrived in Boston from Geneva, Switerland one year ago and you have been a great source of information and inspiration for me. If you ever need a french translator for some reason , I would be more than happy to be able to help you. Just like you, I’m crazy about design, fashion and also cooking and I deeply admire the way you write and share pieces of your life with so much elegance and intelligence.

  11. Wow, to have a space like that in Paris, this girls business must be doing really well.

    Also, if you ever really need to know what something says in French just let this Montrealer know! lol

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