Bust A Move

I am currently obsessed with finding an old marble bust for my home.   it’s one of those things that gets in my head and will not let go.  I found the most perfect one at Brimfield in May….alas it was $1,500. Meh. I want one for like $150. Just look how chic they can make a room or a bookshelf!

A few I found online (still out of my price range though). Click images for links!

Don’t forget to check out my Joss & Main sale today at 11 a.m.!!!!!


  1. Try Perch online out of New Orleans. She always has one for sale in shop. I got mine there and placed it in my closed up fireplace and it looks AMAZEBALLS!

  2. Yes, me too! Last year Homegoods had big ones in the $70 range and I have kicked myself ever since for not getting one.

  3. My godparents gave me one years ago that is a reproduction from the Metropolitan Museum as a graduation gift. At the time I found it hilarious but now it has prominent display space on my entry table tableau. She collects my hats and scarves in the winter!

  4. I have been wanting one for years now! My big ole turquoise Buddha head will have to do for now, but I want a bust for my jewelry to hang from so bad!

  5. omg they have them all over our local Home Goods. I was actually getting annoyed that they were so prevalent, when I wasnt in the market or mood to look at them. Too bad I’m in DC! And of course, when it wasn’t on my radar, I wasn’t interested, but I coulda snagged one up for you!

  6. I have never thought about using a bust for decoration but I love how they’re styled here! I may join you on your hunt for an inexpensive one…


  7. we have tons in Richmond VA at this particular antiques mall. sadly, they are not online :( they tend to be of our founding fathers…I’m getting one of my favorite: Thomas Jefferson and ALL in your price range 100 to 150. some are even copper or brass. gorgeous!!

  8. Two things. One, I heart marble busts, but have never been able to find one at a good price that isn’t also creepy. When/if I get one, I think it’s definitely going to have to be a benign looking lady. Second, just checked out your J+M sale and it’s RIDIC! Fantastic picks!

  9. Your J&M sale is AMAZING. Just how I would choose to decorate my imaginary summer home on Mattapoisette harbor.

  10. just a little hint. look for ones on line made of styrofoam. i have a huge one of David, it is painted and looks just like marble or at least the cheaper version of resin. totally fool worthy. i got mine at a department store that was throwing out all their old visuals. maybe you can find them from a visual display distribution company?!

  11. Time for a day trip to Mystic, CT! There’s a cool store called Nest that usually has one or two – and they’re less than $2oo! Score!!

  12. LOVE the title of this post. It cracks me up! I really love the style of the bust in the 6th photo (left) with the hat. I’ve never seen one like that before!


  13. Those look cool because they are cool! We have a petit “TJ” (Thomas Jefferson) on our bookshelves…my in-laws have a BIG “TJ”…love him.

  14. I saw the coolest clear glass bust today at a flea market in Munich. Sorry I didn’t have my camera. It was classic with a modern twist.

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