Shingles, Stripes and Salt

Over the weekend Andrew and I drove 45 minutes to the water just so I could have a cup of coffee by the sea.  There is nothing more soothing to my soul than looking at the ocean.  And classic nautical style is no exception to the experience of being by the water.  Faded shingled homes, rope details, sand feet, stripes, cranberry cocktails, the smell of sunscreen, chipping paint, the clang of sailboat bells and pink cheeks from too much time in the sun.  Here’s a collection of images that bring me back to that feeling time and time again.

Images and products via Sperry, Scosha NYC, Kiel James Patrick, Pinterest, Elle Decor, JCrew, One Sydney Road, Chance


  1. By far my favourite thing in the world is being by the sea… you’re right about it soothing your soul. Living in London has definitely reached its sell-by date, the coast is calling me!! Oh and I would add the cry of seagulls to your list… heaven :)

  2. i just can’t leave the coast. ever. your images are a perfect blend of new england style. makes me fall in love with stripes, espadrilles and rope details more and more.

  3. I have to agree. I just returned from the northeast where i spent a month visiting home and family near the shore. I miss it so much and nothing soothes my soul and brings me more peace than being by there. Someday, I will move back.

  4. Gorgeous images!! Am in Aruba as I view this, makes me wish I had packed more stripes in my wardrobe…..can never get enough!

  5. These photos are absolutely stunning and toootttalllyyy brought me to a beach state of mind! I especially love the photo of the girl with the hat on her face stretched across the benches. Wonderful post! Happy Tuesday!
    xo Emily

  6. i love the feel of these pictures! i imagine northeast summer to be magically preppy, though i’ve never experienced it.

  7. I love this post! It feels like home to me. I grew up on the cape and this brings me back to those carefree days!

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