FashionJuly 13, 2011

More Mint-spiration.

God, that was cheesy. Anyways, the re-brand of Claridge’s Hotel in London is one of the best collective design work I’ve seen in a while.  The mint and black color scheme are so chic yet so fun you can’t help but smile.  Not to mention this shade of mint is like, my favorite thing ever right now.  I saw a pair of shorts at J.Crew yesterday in this color and would have snapped them up had they not looked like complete ass on me.

And check out the new David Lindley designed bathrooms in the new color scheme! (Thanks Melanie for the heads up on that one!)

It reminds me of this- my favorite ice cream flavor ever.

Which in turn reminds me of all this:

I need more mint in my life.

Sources: Earrings, shoes, tee, bag

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