Fashion Friday: J.Crew Hits It Outta the Park

I was on the Acela back from NYC yesterday when my friend and I began reviewing J.Crew’s fall merchandise. In 107 degree heat. Whatves, fall clothes are my favorite!!!! And J.Crew completely KILLED it with it’s bright bold colors and classic cuts. No more sequined harem pants for $600 of seasons recent, it looks like the old school J.Crew I fell in love with! Everyone rejoice!

I bought these two things IMMEDIATELY (and will probably wear together!)

The #1 reason this collections rocks- LEOPARD! EVERYWHERE!!!!! It’s as if they peeked inside my brain and were like “lets make Erin a shitload of leoapard stuff, she deserves it”. Yes, yes I do. So thanks. (And the haters can knock my leopard J.Crew sweater head shot all they want. I will always love this print. Meow.)

Even a leopard iPhone cover. Now I just need an iPhone (Blackberry addicts unite!)

My second favorite thing currently next to leopard, minty green accents! FAB!

How about these insane bright blazers in velvet and wool? Who doesn’t love a great blazer??

The best fitting tee I have tried on in years in the new Painters Tee…loving the second version here with the zipper neck accent!

Red pants. Hot pink pumps. Done and done, my friends.

Amazing bridal and bridesmaid silhouettes. I mean, seriously amazing.

AND the most comfy undies I have ever worn (I will never call them panties, I absolutely HATE that word).

Now, off to bear the blazing heat and dream of fall!


  1. I was just drooling over the new J Crew collection as well :) can’t wait to get back to LA and spend some serious time shopping!!

  2. Oh, I love fall and all the wonderful fashion that comes with it! I have got to try those ts and the iPhone cover is calling my name.

  3. THANK GOD JCREW IS GOING BACK TO ITS ROOTS… I’ve hated everything that has been in there for years. Thanks for the post!~

  4. AMEN Brittany – if it wasn’t horribly ugly, it fell apart after two wears! I blame Mickey Drexler. Thank god the designers have come to their senses!

  5. Beautiful. I love leopard as well. I just got the Bettye Muller Katy espadrilles in leopard on sale for 51.00 @ bloomingdales. Always wanted a pair of her shoes and the leopard is perfect. Love the hot pink pumps. Too old for the red pants with them though.

  6. kind of psyched they brought back the velvet blazer because I bought it in red 2 years ago a barely wore it but its still one my favorite pieces, and clearly quite timeless.

    also remember OLD old school Jcrew?? Tons of khakis and cotton T’s. I found an old Jcrew longsleeve tee at my parents house last month, must have been from the nineties, the tag said JCREW with the image of a figure holding a crew paddle. haha.

  7. wow- these are all gorgeous!!

    random sidenote- when are we gonna see pics of your office?? :)

  8. Loving there items for fall. Excited to carry the bold and brights of summer into the early party of fall. Must have those hot pink pants – they may think I am a little crazy at the office, but that really is nothing new. Plus, they are not what you would call being on top of fashion, so I don’t really care what they think – and could use this as a coaching point on fashion!
    Much love,

  9. I too am just beginning to long for Autumn..probably because it has been 100 and grossly humid here in Boston. Love this post. ~CJ ps can’t wait for the Sept. issues of Vogue..Harpers etc.

  10. Love love love. These item’s are doing it for me, I must have the red pants, J Crew open up in the UK, you know you want to. ps the yellow skirt and leopard combo is smokin!

  11. Wow! I have stayed away from JCrew recently, but this fall preview is absolutely amazing. It has everything I’m loving right nwo…bright, bold colors, animal prints and great shoes!!!! Can’t wait to dive in and shop! Thanks for sharing!

  12. absolutely stunning collection! right on trend, with color blocking and animal prints! And the leopard print is right at your alley, Erin! great feature!!

  13. first DSquared, now this???? I’m LOVING the Fall looks and dreaming of throwing on those hot pink pants even in this 105* NYC heat.

    PS. ever hear Lamar Odom say “Lepit” insted of leopard. Always get a chuckle outta that.

  14. I have always envied the leopard sweater in your head shot, it fits like a glove!! I am also a fellow leopard-lover (well lover of most tasteful animal prints really but leopard is def #1) & love this collection, thanx for sharing!

  15. Ok, enough already. I majorly love anything in persimmon for Fall and the leopard makes me weep with joy.

    Lisa x

  16. Thank God the color has returned!! I’ve been wondering where the elves with the rainbow has been in their design dept & apparently they’ve brought him out of the dungeon they so reidiculously locked him in. Yay!!

  17. I’ve been looking for a new iPhone cover and I didn’t like the new Kate Spade ones… but I adore that leopard one! I shall get that one right now!

  18. Gorgeous! Yes, definitely better than last year. I also want a leopard/bright color combo for fall.

    And they are UNDIES!! YES!! (panties just sounds sissified and gross)

  19. So excited about fall fashion…and thrilled that J crew is right on target! Just making clothes that are pretty colors with chic silhouettes! why ever veer off this fashion path???

  20. Erin you are so funny !!! :-) …. panties – I HATE that word too (I thought most americans called them that) sounds like what dirty old pervs call them. Either undies or knickers (girls) in our house (in Sydney, Australia). Love J. Crew – I shop their every time I am in the US – I wished they would ship here!! Keep up the great work – Love your blog and check it daily.

  21. J.Crew does this to me every fall (alright, lets face it – summer, spring and winter, too) where I want to carelessly throw away all my money on all their new things. Its always the way they introduce new colors and combinations to tried and true classics.

  22. Kill me now and send me straight to heaven wearing a pair of those Mona pumps; I agree with you whole heartedly, they absolutely NAILED it with this fall’s collection. You’re right, it is reminiscent of the J.Crew catalogs I scoured over when I was a little girl, I’m so happy! I just love J.Crew and have considered getting a side job at a retail store, just to rub elbows with beautiful clothes all day long :-) The next best thing to working directly for their corporate office, of course, haha. (dream on)

  23. I’m loving all of these bright colors too! And I’m excited to not be pregnant in the fall and hopefully be able to get back to wearing Jcrew! I have these leopard flats and I wear them all the time…I would love to invest in a few of these coral sweaters and jackets…they are gorgeous!

  24. yumyumyumyumyum.

    SO glad to be over slouchy silk cargo pants in greyed out colors. the spring’s flouro trend helped, but dear god, the shoes have been whack. thank goodness for gorgeous heels in soft suede and insanely bright colors. btw, much of jcrew almost ALWAYS goes on sale (esp the bright colors, weird, i know). my strategy is:
    buy the few things that are must haves (e.g. I would forever regret it if they sold out in my size before purchasing) through my local j crew personal shopper and then wait the rest out. I just scored a cotton blazer and bikini from spring for a grand total, including shipping, of $54 using this strategy. :)

    good luck ladies!

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