The Luxe Lynne Scalo

When I saw the cover image of Luxe Magazine’s New York edition I fell in love.  I am having an “all white” moment with rooms- I tend to every summer- because of how crisp, fresh and above all COOL they look.  I’ve admired designer Lynne Scalo’s work before, but this house is a new favorite of mine by her! A self-proclaimed “Kelly Wearstler meets Ralph Lauren” her decoration of this Greenwich, CT home is an interesting mix of traditional and modern, statement making pieces.

White wine ONLY in this room.

I love that Lynne used one of my favorite chandeliers of all time, the Danneli by Neirmann Weeks, which I put in a dining room in a beautiful house I’m working on. It is SO stunning in person and such a wonderful transitional style- the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Love the crisp apple green accents in this bright white kitchen. For some reason I can picture Gwyneth Paltrow in here.

The lantern grouping above the kitchen dining table is unexpected and really fun.

I tend to not like dark wood at all- but this dark den is made lighter and lovely with the Imperial Trellis drapes, metallic ceiling and pale rug and furniture.

Light blue and apple green look fresh and new in the master because they are set off by a dramatic dark bed. That bananas inlay dresser helps too.

A metallic wallpapered powder room is as glam as you can get.

What a dump. :)

Here are some more affordable items to get a look like the one Lynne created here:

Lynne's Look

Lynne’s Look by elementsofstyleblog on

Imperial Trellis Decorative Pillow
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17 Responses to “The Luxe Lynne Scalo”

  1. MHP says:

    Where can you get those amazeballs apples green silk drapes!? WOW.

  2. So beautiful! I love this green accents in the kitchen and those lamps above the dining tables are amazing!

  3. Karena says:

    Love your images Erin…Psst I know many hostesses who serve only white wine at indoor events!

    Art by Karena

  4. jillian says:

    love the patterned pillow you picked out! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Erin says:

    I looove the white & green kitchen! Just fabulous!

  6. Raizy says:

    Looking at these beautiful photos is a lovely way to start the day – thank you!

  7. Denise says:

    You can also get cost-effective mirrored furniture at Home Goods stores. They go really well with the “all white” theme!

  8. That kitchen is STUNNING!

  9. That kitchen is so beautiful I dare not cook in it.

  10. Loom Decor says:

    Love these images!

  11. after stripping crappy 1960′s floral wallpaper from every room in our house, i wish i could muster up the courage to commit to an amazing wallpaper like that metallic guest bath.

  12. Mareah says:

    So gorgeous! Wow!

  13. Such gorgeous rooms !! I love the first all white room and the amazing metallic wallpaper !


  14. Flirtygems says:

    Do you have any idea on that metallic wallpaper? I. would die for that

  15. I LOVE all the white in this house – and that’s my ideal kitchen!
    Star Hughes Living

  16. Christine says:

    These rooms are gorgeous…what if the owner has dogs? Do they just make sure they wipe their paws off every time they come in? Or maybe they only get white dogs so the fur doesn’t show up. Or maybe someone living in this kind of house can hire an underling to maintain total cleanliness. I’d probably Scotch-guard the shit out of everything in the beautiful all-white room.

  17. The globe chandelier is perfectly placed in the living room because of it’s very modern effect. The second chandelier in the dining room feels of grandeur and brings about a European vibe into it.