Life & FamilyJune 23, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators: The Drinking Game

While at first I was simply horrified by Million Dollar Decorators, each week I am enjoying it more and more. And the people that irked me the most (Mary and Ross) and currently my favorites! Such is the story of my hypocritical life. So I was thinking, it is the PERFECT show to create a good ol’ fashioned drinking game around!  So here we go, break out the pinot grigio and let’s try this next week, shall we?

You must take a drink when….

-Martyn name drops or says the word “delicious”.

– Kathryn mentions her boobs -two sips if she mentions their size (the DOUBLE D’s people!)

– Mary ignores her client’s budgets completely.

-Nathan comes on screen for 2.5 seconds and is adorable and then DISAPPEARS FOR THE REST OF THE SHOW.

-Ross puts his hands through his hair.

Deondra/Diondra Demetra/ Dimitra come on the screen (two sips if you cannot correctly identify if it’s #1 or #2).

-Jeffrey acts in such a way (extreme mini sink, $8k bathtub in a gym locker room) that makes you wonder how he got this big.

-Jacqueline appears on screen.

-Martyn sucks in his cheeks.

Wait, if we do this we’ll all be completely plastered halfway through the show! Ehhhhh, c’est la vie!

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