Concealing the Evil Neccessity

I love my TV. I mean, I hate my actual TV, but I watch a decent amount of it.  A source of education, comfort and entertainment I will never be one who claims watching TV is terrible for you. It can be if you rot your brain on reality TV non-stop but sometimes after a bad day there is nothing more soothing than popping in a DVD (Twilight-ahem) and having a glass of wine curled up on the sofa.  But unfortunately, TVs aren’t that attractive. And placing them in a room can be a source of stress (men have very strong opinions about this I’ve found- groundbreaking, I know) but I hate when it’s the absolute focal point.  In our last home I refused to put the TV over the fireplace and have it be the first thing you see when entering the house so we had it on this other wall where we’d both get neck cramps from having to position ourselves such a way as to both see the TV.  So now in our new place it’s over the stupid fireplace.  Once we figure out our permanent (or more permanent) residence I’ll amend this.  I the meantime, here are some ideas on how to work with a TV in a room….

Hanging a TV on a dark wallpaper or wall color like this Osbourne & Little paper below totally camouflages the TV! Love it!

Another option is to EMBRACE the TV and funkify the wall it’s on as to make it feel purposeful like this chevron paint job below!

A much more expensive option is to create a wall of built ins, which ALWAYS look good (and typically up the value of your home).  Adding doors onto the TV portion really conceals it, but can be a pain.  I love the look below from Lonny- the black accents in the room compliment the black TV frame.

A clever idea is to hang the TV within a gallery wall! GENIUS!

Brooklyn Limestone hung a grid to frame the TV evenly.

A way to curate a collection including a TV without hanging anything on the wall- paired with a large canvas and other object the TV kind of blends right in.

A clever little idea is to buy a picture frame and hang it around your TV- affordable and witty it gives your TV a little more panache.

You can check out a site like Frame My TV to have a custom frame (lots of finish and style choices) made for your TV- more expensive but it makes it look like a painting (you can have still images of artwork shown while it’s “off” or even have a mirror front put on)!

Having a good looking TV certainly helps. Samsung’s 7000 series TV’s are virtually frame less and have a chic little x base stand if you don’t plan on wall mounting…and look how skinny! It’s like the third Olsen twin! Too bad it’s FREAKIN’ expensive.

Great for a bedroom, this 22″ TV has a sleek white frame and is under $300!

This Samsung is similar.

Images via DecorPad, Pinterest, Lonny, Style at Home.


  1. We have the Samsung you showed with the “x” base. My husband finally conned me into getting one. It’s big (like 55″ I think), but it’s actually a beautiful TV.. if there is such a thing.

  2. TV’s seem to be such an eye sore sometimes. I love the idea of hiding the tv in a gallery wall. Martyn Lawerence Bullard did a great job of doing that in Sharon Orborne’s apartment in Million Dollar Decorator.

  3. this has been so helpful erin! i had wanted for so long to conceal her in some way but didn’t know what my options were. i’m definitely going to do the frames all around look!

  4. Makes you wonder what we used to do before flat screens! My fiance and I have an ongoing argument about tv placement and size, I don’t understand the need for a massive television right in the middle of the living room! I really love the first idea of concealing it with dark wallpaper or as a gallery wall.

  5. AWESOME ideas , Erin! Thanks a million! I love the framed or gallery TV ideas! I hate having TV being visible, but this is not bad at all!

  6. Thanks for this post, but can we talk about all the stuff that goes along with the TV and what to do with it? Geesh, I have a Tivo box (which is so freakin huge it can’t fit into the drawers of the wonderful buffet I purchased to house all of the DVD’s etc. Oh and then there’s the wireless adapter, and the dvd player! I love when I see a TV mounted on a wall, with no cable cords, DVRS, etc. I know that you can go through the walls but who really does that? Especially in a rental hello? In a previous home I had our Flat Screen mounted over fireplace (worst decision ever) and the ugliest thing they did was snake the wires around and down the fireplace..can’t believe I paid for that. Thenthey told me you can paint the cords. Umm okay?! Cabinets I think are a good way to go..then you can just hide it when you don’t want to see the TV plus those unsightly cords can be ran out the back.

  7. Wonderful post! Could not agree more. Love the frame idea when built-in will not work. I am hoping that you can help me. Awhile back, you featured a sponsor who makes pottery including lamp bases to order in any color imaginable. I cannot remember the artist’s name or find your post to save my life. Can you please help me here? I will be sure to mention your name when I contactl her! Thanks so much!

  8. Such a great, functional post. I love putting it above a desk where it takes the place of a computer screen (which isn’t as ugly to me for some reason) or a painting.

  9. Im with you on the whole idea of not hanging the TV over the fireplace, but we are building a house and it seems that this will be the home of our tv. I had the idea of having a still image (i.e. family photo) displayed on the TV when we have company over. That way it will look like we have a framed photo above the fireplace instead of just a blank television screen. A friend of ours is an electronic specialist and he said we can get a wireless router to shoot the images from our computer desk over to the TV, or he said some TV’s can have a jump drive plugged into them. I love the idea of just walking over to my computer and selecting a photo or selecting a group of photos for a slideshow depending on what type of company we have. Both of these options are very affordable.

  10. I have my TV in a gallery… It’s not hung, but I have a gallery of art hangs around it. People always say something about it. I’m not even sure what made me do it, but I just hung the art like that a few years back. And I haven’t regretted it since.

  11. Great post! I had 2 tvs to address on a recent project. One of them we had the frame made for and the one in the main living area we have a motorized painting that opens and closes over it. I hate seeing the tvs too. They are very evident in my own house :-/

  12. Our TV is also over the fireplace. Unfortunate, yes, but its the best placement in the room and while I’m all about how things work I also need much-used rooms to function as well as possible. The wall is black, the TV is the skinniest LED I could find (with the skinniest bracket) so that helps a bit. I like the idea of the custom frames and turning the TV into an artwork/mirror. Might have to look into that!

  13. Well, I was always of the school that your TV should not be the focal point of your living room, BUT, when my husband and I bought our home a couple of years ago, they actually built the wiring for it in the wall behind the fireplace, with bookshelves on either side, so in my husband’s eyes this was the ONLY place to put the TV….I caved and said that we could do it, but since it was the center of our room it had to be a certain size and clutter free (i.e. no DVR box, DVD, etc. hanging out. Since all of the “extra stuff” that comes along with opperating a TV is hidden, I actually like it and think that it looks quit nice there….I just don’t think that it’s a big deal anymore. Loved the pictures that you posted….great ideas for future TV placement. :)

  14. I love it on the bookcase surrounded by books…I also love it surrounded by art. Ours is on a unit and does well, but I can see the wall mount…I think I am going to do that in my bedroom.

  15. Someday when I’m no longer a renter, I intend to pull a Tv-conceal like in that first image. That room has been in my dream house inspiration folder for ages. Every time I look at it, my heart beats fast. Love. Until then, I have a salon-style gallery wall going on that nicely camouflages my ugly TV.

  16. pretty ingenious ways to make the t.v. ‘not’ stand out!! love the t.v. incorporated into the art wall..but the one from lonny is my favourite..thanks for the lovely post, erin..have a wonderful visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

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