Fashion Friday: Painterly Inspiration

I was so floored by the genius I spotted on painter Michelle Armas’ blog yesterday- in cahoots with Once Wed these painterly inspired tablescapes and florals were photographed- complete with glass votives painted on the inside to mimic the glass Michelle uses for water (or turp) while creating her masterpieces! Such a fabulous idea for an artsy couple getting married- and how DROP DEAD are these florals?

Some of Michelle’s Paintings (which I adore- she does commissions too!)

Michelle also just renovated her kitchen and I love her choices- the cabinetry color, rustic subways tile and this matte brass hardware, all delicious (I said that in a Martyn voice, BTW)

Here are some painterly inspired piece to wear if you aren’t the canvas and brushed type.  Perfect for summer!

Painterly Prints

Painterly Prints by elementsofstyleblog featuring long dresses

XOXO long dress
$59 -

Silk dress
$298 -

Aiko crop top
$121 -

Silk blouse
$98 -

Cap sleeve top
$78 -

Elizabeth and James short mini skirt
£115 -

Rue21 short shorts
$20 -

Repetto ballerina flat
$295 -

Mar Y Sol clutch handbag
$45 -

Lightweight scarve
$138 -

24 Responses to “Fashion Friday: Painterly Inspiration”

  1. Flirtygems says:

    Those are really gorgeous!

  2. HannahJ says:

    I LOVE the movement in her work- such an exciting energy!

  3. karen says:

    Wow so pretty. I also love the color of her cabinets. Any idea what color that is?

  4. Those flowers!! sigh. And the art, really loved it all!

  5. MCC says:

    Just want to tell you that every morning, without fail, I arrive to my cubicle, check my email and then visit your blog. I am amazed by what you do ….that day after day you can come up with things to keep all of us readers inspired, entertained and impressed! I LOVE your aesthetic and post after post, picture after picture — i find myself saying “YES!” Thank you for expressing via this blog visions I’ve had for own life that I may never have been able to articulate. I’m such a huge fan. MCC

  6. beyond wonderful all these flowers! happy weekend!

  7. Gorge! What a lovely theme for a wedding. And her kitchen is ridiculous… want it all. Have a great weekend!

  8. Laura says:

    Love the matte brass hardware, just saw a display in my kitchen designers showroom. Stunning. She says it’s the next big thing. Going to use it in my first floor bathroom redo

  9. sami says:

    my toes curled when i opened this post. beautiful. exactly what i want the tables to look like at my wedding.


  10. Such a great idea! The kitchen looks fabulous also :)

  11. I LOVE my Armas, even if it is only a wee work. She is amazeballs, and so is the tablesetting combo.

  12. Pure magic.xx


  13. Casie says:

    Oh I am loving that XOXO long dress and I cant believe its only $60.00! Awesome find Erin!

  14. Really digging the color palette. Inspires feelings of happiness.

  15. bambilulu says:

    love love love this post! her paintings are gorgeous – I second MCC – thanks for keeping us inspired!!

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  17. Allison says:

    You really inspired me today. Wow!

  18. Michele says:

    fabulous friday post – her artwork is divine!

  19. Karena says:

    Adore her art works. The painted votives are also adorable Erin!

    Art by Karena

    I have a New very fashionable Giveaway on my site!

  20. Pamela says:

    Hi Erin,
    How are you, we are just curious ,as you have such a good eye, where did you study design? Do you have a masters or an undergrad degree? Since you talk a lot about attending high school in Connecticut, and you reside in Boston, we are going to guess that it was somewhere in the Northeast? Parsons? New York School of Interior Design? Rhode Island School of Design? We will probably be surprised to hear that it was SCAD, as you are more of a Prep than a Hipster, but some friends and I have tried to decide, and we can’t. Your blog is always entertaining, we love your take on Million dollar Decorators, hilarious. I believe we read that Mary McDonald made hats for a living, good for her! Thank you so much and too bad that you didn’t decide to accept the television proposition, you would have been so much more fun to watch than the Candice Olsen’s and Sara Richardson’s of the world. We need someone fun to watch on a weekly basis! Thank you so much and take care.
    Pamela, Julia, Elizabeth, and Melissa

  21. Cecilia says:

    I love the paintings! Such gorgeous colors…how would you not want to wear them.

  22. Coach tote says:

    Love it! The dress is AMAZING! I love it

  23. KDBates says:

    This inspired to me to make a pit stop on the way home from work and pick up some flowers. Arrangement turned out beautifully thanks to this image!

  24. KDBates says:

    This inspired me to make a pit stop on the way home from work and pick up some flowers. Arrangement turned out beautifully thanks to this image!