AccessoriesJune 21, 2011

Vacation Dreams

Guys, I need a vacation like no one’s business. It’s been a really tough couple weeks for me and I feel like I’m wearing all my nerve endings on the outside of my body. There are goodies abound that are inspired by such desires to vacate your life and just let go (preferably somewhere warm where you can hear waves and/or chirping birds)….

These photographs by Christian Chaize capture the delirious heat and happiness of laying on a beach- 20×200 had two limited edition prints (sold out) but you can get them through the Jen Bekman Projects.

This bangle from Kate Spade captures that same feeling, with the cute “Wish You Were Here” message inside.

Kate also has a beach bag with images from some vintage postcards they found- great for toting a towel and sunscreen to the pool (or staring at and WISHING you were at the pool):

Madewell has a line of tee’s called “Where I Want to Be” featuring images of the mountains and the road (a road trip would work for me too)

If you actually GET to go on vacation I am loving these printed Tili bags designed to bring your liquids through security with style!

Saltbox makes durable, adorable travel bags for those quick long weekend getaways or longer treks:

Like me and love you some leopard- check out this rolling hard case from Flight 001:

Currently I am coveting a trip to Hidden Pond Maine– a fabulous place in Kennebunkport where each cottage has it’s own personality and relaxation is the name of the game.

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