Restoration Hardware Baby…

I am so impressed with Restoration Hardware’s newest designs for baby and kids! Talk about stylish kids room decor- this stuff is basically sized down versions of their vintage inspired goods! Just check these out!

That first crib is my favesies- with it’s caning head and foot board (it also turns into the chicest toddler bed ever)! The canopy crib comes in a close second!

These beds come in twin or full- any of them would make amazing pair in a guest room if you don’t have little ones!

Bunks beds get chic in industrial metal or antiqued wood.

Dressers for boys with some serious edge!

WAY cool chairs done in a small scale (but with BIG price tags)

A fabulous rocker with wood legs!

This play table and chairs won’t be an eyesore in your main living area.

Some fabulous accessories!

Off to Brimfield today- be back tomorrow with a report and pics!

17 Responses to “Restoration Hardware Baby…”

  1. LOVE EVERYTHING! Especially that rocker. So unique. Restoration never disappoints. If only there stuff was cheaper or if I were richer…

  2. meenal says:

    too much chicness for the wee ones!!! have a lovely day, visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  3. jillian says:

    aww how cute!! i LOVE the first crib and that elephant sign… makes me baby crazy ;) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. maureen says:

    love it…now your baby and children can be as stylish as mommie and dad…
    so totally perfect…

  5. lindsay says:

    I agree, It’s all gorgeous, but I’ll be honest that I (and friends of mine) ordered RH sets for our new babies. There were lots of problems and the furniture techs they sent to repair both our furniture issues were total doufs – they even got paint all over my hardwood floors and banister. I’m sorry to say that in this instance pretty is not pretty does :(. Ugh.

  6. I love that cane crib you picked out. I am designing my nursery as we speak, and if budget allowed, I definitely would have picked up a few things at RH!

  7. cara says:

    this is an AMAZING post! LOVE everything!

  8. Are you telling us something?!

  9. So pretty! Love it all. By the way, I gave your blog a shoutout in my new post – thanks always for the great material :)

  10. This all looks great, but I can’t see it being very functional in a kid’s room not to mention the kid actually liking it.

  11. These are gorgeous! I LOVE your taste – I’ll just come to this blog whenever I am redecorating, it is so my style! And the chandelier…to die for. I want it!

  12. Hope you’re having fun at Brimfield. I went yesterday and it was great.

  13. Kylie says:

    Love them all! Good finds girl :)

  14. Elizabeth says:

    those accessories look so fun! love the simple vintage aesthetic.

  15. Dina @ Honey + Fitz says:

    I do love everything in this line but ugh! The prices! I can’t deal…especially for baby things that are so temporary and take a lot of beating. Fab inspiration pieces though.

  16. Lynn says:

    I like all those pieces, especially the wooden leather chair!