Loving: Jordana Brewster’s Home

While on the train yesterday riding to NYC I was flipping through the newest InStyle and freaked over actress Jordana Brewster’s home in LA.  Maybe it’s the grey rain that is in store for us all week, or maybe it’s just because it’s just AWESOME, but the light colored, airy yumminess is SO appealing to me right now! It’s like a super girly, modern “Swiss Family Robinson in Los Angeles” kinda place!

The office/meditation loft (note: I need one of those) has such great light and that pink settee from Lawson-Fenning is the stuff of my dreams. No seriously, I think I had a dream that Andrew let me get a pink settee (never, ever gonna happen). And p.s. how cute is that dress?

I absolutely love the washed color of the wood- slightly pink almost!

Not a style of home I’d ever think I’d like, but in this location, I so dig it. Doesn’t it look relaxing?

Lots of white with a nice hint of turquoise is refreshing but super laid back.

That striped rug! That selection of seating! That uber deep sofa!

It’s hard to tell here, but those cabinets are high gloss grey. I LOVE that. LOVE. Clean, simple and super chic and classic.

Ok, I’m off to the Kips Bay Showhouse and lunch at Bergdorf’s (Kelly Wearstler designed) with fabulous bloggers (and real life friends) Kyle Knight, Kelley Moore, Shannon Wollack and Ashlina Kaposta among others!  It’s so fun to get to hang out with these blog friends in the flesh!


  1. That loft is to diiiiiiieeeee for!!! The settee is amazing, but so is the rug. Any idea where it’s from?

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I saw this while flipping through the magazine at Barnes and Nobles and freaked at the awesomeness as well! I wanted to tear the pages out of the mag (I don’t currently subscribe so I don’t have a copy of my own) but hoped that maybe just maybe someone out there in blogland would love it as much as I do and post scans.

  3. This has got to be my new inspiration home! You nailed it! There is no comment that can add to your description of how laidback beautiful her home is..

  4. I saw this a few weeks ago and ended up tearing the whole section out to put on my bulletin board! I love her home – especially her meditation room with the high angled ceiling. Just beautiful!

  5. I must admit I am most excited about the mention of the Kips Bay Showhouse followed by a yummy chopped salad (the Gotham I hope!) at Bergdorf’s. And yes, the design of the resto is great too.

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