Inspired by The Graduate

This week I watched The Graduate for the first time. I know, I am like several decades late to the party, but for some reason I never thought it would be a movie I’d like. I was WRONG! I loved the film and I worship Anne Bancroft in this movie- in both attitude and appearance! So fierce! So sexy! So borderline crazy! My kinda woman! Her style is so sleek and chic in this film (and of course I adore her penchant for animal prints.)

Some items that remind me of Mrs. Robinson’s style. I happen to think she would have loved graphic DVF wrap dresses :) Keys to this look: smokey eye and nude lip, lots of animal prints, sleek simple silhouettes and basic colors (black, white red, tan).  And of course some lovely underthings!

I was taking note of the interiors and accents in the movie- like that fabulous black and white stripe awning at the Robinson’s house.  I had to try to create a retro chic patio based on it!

I also think that Katharine Ross who played Elaine int he movie is one of the most beautiful women ever to exist! I love her bohemian beauty (nd I love the top of that wedding dress!)


  1. looks like there are a few more like me..who haven’t watched it yet!! I must now..thanks for sharing..have a lovely day…do visit my blog when you have a moment xx meenal

  2. what a fabulous movie and I like the pieces you selected for the patio…
    and yes, Anne Bancroft’s character is fantastic…so well performed…

  3. If you have back issues of Domino, you should dig out the one where they did a similar Graduate inspired room from that porch, see how it matches up to yours.

  4. Anne was 6 years older than Dustin when the movie was made although she just looks so much more mature. I love this movie!!!

  5. Great post! This is one of my favorite movies. Can you believe that Anne Bancroft was only in her 30’s when she made this film? Mrs. Robinson is proof positive that a woman can look sexy and mature at the same time. Europeans have long appreciated mature women being sexy, and dressing age appropriate (without the least hint of dowdiness). I only wish Americans would adopt this sartorial view and drop the prevailing “Real Housewives” aesthetic for over 35 dressing .

  6. Here’s another one who hasn’t seen it! It’s now on the list for this weekend. I love the red pencil skirt in the outfit but I am DYING over your retro patio! I need that patio furniture set in my life.

  7. Great movie! Makes me want to watch it again. How about the ending?? That moment of “ehhh now what?” has always stuck with me. Now, whatever you do, don’t watch Rumor Has It. Resist.

  8. What a fun post!!!! I have never seen this movie…. its a little silly. I should add it to my Netflix ASAP. But i love the styles in it and you did an awesome of job of drawing the modern inspirations. I love the little clutch!

  9. Ah this post has made me smile so much because that wedding dress is so similar to my mums!! Better go watch the graduate now….thought it would be one of those movies not for me but liking the shots so…

  10. Me neither, i didn’t watch it yet, but intrigued me, and I can see that you paid attention to details and try to reproduce them, so nice. I like Mrs. Robinson style too, retro and chic, animal print is my favorite.

  11. oddly i just watched it this week too! i don’t know what took me so long – but it was amazing! I’m glad you loved it and thrilled that you put together this post about it! :) you nailed it.

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