Am I Wearing Pants?

After spotting more “tights-as-pants” offenders in the last couple weeks than I care to remember, I direct you to Buzzfeed’s HYSTERICAL quiz to help you figure out if you are wearing pants or in fact, non-pants. I spit out my coffee at a few of these.


  1. “jeggings are not pants, please put on some pants” !! I so agree with the comments! This was a really good laugh! Thank you.

  2. my inner 9 year old burst out laughing before i read a single word. my very growup 47 year old applauded with exceeding decorum. there are things which one does not want to know about another person, unless of course carnal acts are in the offering. and truly, carnal acts should not be in the offering on the way to the market.

  3. i can’t stand when people are wearing things that shouldn’t be pants! beyond funny, thanks for this!!

  4. Ah yes!!! I am doing a public service today….by posting these on every corner of downtown Houston!!! And then some….thanks! Thanks for the great laugh too…

  5. Legging were only okay when you had something covering your ass! Maybe you should also do one on girls wearing headbands with giant bows/flowers…

  6. Finally, the truth be told. Thank you for your deep insight Erin. We’ll be sure to post this and reserve the Lulu’s for class time!

  7. OMG I am dying laughing at this. Hilar.

    Also, I have been meaning to comment to say how much I love your blog! I look forward to your posts :)

  8. This is TOOO funny!! I can’t stand wearing pants around the house and my fam makes fun of me for it! I should print this out and mail it to all of them so they understand!! ;)

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