Runway to Tabletop with Kelley: Marc Jacobs

Another fab installment of Runway to Room to Tabletop (we have to think of a shorter, snappier name for this).  This week we used the candy colored striped from Marc Jacobs to create a summery tabletop (Kelley, shown here) and a bold child’s room (by me, over HERE)  I love the challenge this poses each week as a designer- it’s like a work-out for my creativity muscles!

Here’s Kelley’s take:

2. Alexandra Vonfurstenburg tray via <>
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Since Kelley is in Seattle, her post might be up a little later, but be sure to check her blog for my kid’s room based on this outfit!

10 Responses to “Runway to Tabletop with Kelley: Marc Jacobs”

  1. I love the bright springlike colors. Would be great for a sophisticated outdoor meal.

  2. Perfect for spring! Jonathan Adler is a genius…

  3. Flirtygems says:

    BEST ONE YET! Love it!

  4. Jonathan Adler! great! I have at home the Dora Mar..

  5. This would be such a fun spring/summer table– for Easter, a shower, even an upscale BBQ. I love that she did the pieces at a range of price points. Great job!

  6. What a colorful tabletop! Perfect for a fun party!

  7. Corinna says:

    maybe R2T2R would help shorten the name :)

  8. lily says:

    How cute !! Love number 2 & 3 !


  9. Sierra says:

    Drooling over those vases from Wisteria!