Paper Pretty

A while ago I ordered a FABULOUS piece of art for a client from Furbish which happened to simply be an amazing piece of handmade lace paper mounted and framed.  When I perused the new items from West Elm I spotted a similar work and was reminded of how much I love this simple, abstract look.

Natural Curiosities sells a collection of framed handmade paper works that I also covet. The grey one makes me particularly weak in the knees.

But these pieces would be easily made by taking a trip to a local paper or art store a perusing for a decorative paper.  I found a couple on Amazon (click images for links) and Kate’s Paperie that would look fabulous framed.  And when you do it yourself, you can pick a great solid color paper to mount these on the coordinates with your decor! How fabulous would these light colored papers look on dark burnt orange, navy or red? Just pick up a can of spray mount, spray the back of the decorative paper and affix to the solid background.  Pick up an affordable frame at Ikea and you are all ready to go! Since each piece will be different, making a series of three would be GORGEOUS.

12 Responses to “Paper Pretty”

  1. meenal says:

    wow…that’s a great idea..thanks for shraing, erin..xx meenal

  2. This is the best kind of DIY. Easy & inexpensive, but high impact.

  3. Unique. Reminds me of a Pollack painting cut out on paper.

  4. L. says:

    SOLD! Brilliant idea! I’m shopping for paper right now! Oh, btw, where is the post you had late last year about making a bulletin board using fabric and an awesome mirror frame? Can’t find it anywhere on your blog! Thanks, Erin! Your blog ROCKS!

  5. Very cool! Love this idea…a DIY I might actually be able to accomplish :) Although I love the gray & white and black & white from Natural Curiosities too!

  6. HannahJ says:

    now THAT is a simple- fabulous way to make modern art for your home- thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I think I just found my weekend warrior project. I have had an empty wall space in my dining nook for a while now. I’m thinking a deep peacock blue for the background – thanks Erin!

  8. Michelle G. says:

    I had the gray and white designs from Kate’s Paperie professionally framed and floated on linen for a look similar to the natural curiosities line but with a metal frame rather than frameless. Turned out great. Got the idea last summer when another blogger featured something similar –>

  9. Annie says:

    This reminds me of this new exhibit showing here in SF called Pulp Fashion, at the Legion of Honor.
    It’s incredible!! Paper re-creations of famous fashion pieces throughout history.

  10. We used the bottom right paper from Kate’s and made custom place mats for a client’s wedding reception. STUNNING!

  11. Cecilia says:

    That is really pretty! I would have never thoguht of it. xo

  12. this is perfect! My client just picked up this huge piece of lacey-cut-out japanese paper. Maybe framing it is the simplest and best solution.