Mug Love.

Studiomate Jill Rosenwald whipped up this GORGEOUS chevron mug for me the other day- I die. The gold rim, taupe zig zag and hot pink interior make my coffee ritual that much more special every morning in the office.  Since these are handmade and painted they would be a pretty penny to mass produce ($80 each retail)- but if you desire it she’s offering them exclusive to EOS in variety of color combos (navy and green, grey and yellow, coral and turquoise).  A very special gift for the coffee love. E-mail me to place an order!

**NOTE- The mugs are in fact $80 each through me….such is the cost for custom, handmade goods made in the good ol’ USA!


  1. LOVE IT! That color combo is killer! I think I’m gonna use it to paint some kids furniture that is in need of some SERIOUS refinishing!

  2. hi erin love- this is too too cute of you to post about..we are here in MEHICO! in ou hotel lobby..and what should i discover but your so so sweet post about moi! thanks to YOU! everyone and the know i adore the attention!

  3. So unique, so pretty! Hmmm, giveaway maybe? I have my eye on her skulling cloud lamp. So beautiful!

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