A Painterly Perch

First of all, the current issue of Veranda magazine is phenomenal- way to go Dara Caponigro for being the genius you are! Secondly, the work of painter Robert Rea as shown in his own Georgetown home stopped me dead in my tracks. I am in love!  His home is spectacular too- the architecture is the stuff of designer’s dreams.  The decor itself is a bit too traditional for me, I would have decked this place out in a combination of classic antiques and modern statement pieces- but really, who can take their eyes off the art (and the extraordinary light that illuminates it?)

Here are some of Rea’s paintings available through Susan Calloway Fine Art. I just adore his style, his application of the paint and brushstrokes and the color combination he uses. I’d love one someday!

Images via Splendid Sass and Susan Calloway Fine Art


  1. Wow, these are stunning. I love it! Every now and then we do features on our blog called “Outfits Inspired by Art” and I will soooooo link back to this post. I already have the ensemble in mind!

  2. Love!! I will be bookmarking this (and picking up a copy of Veranda)!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Dara is a genius – always has been! Question for everyone – what are your thoughts on a dining height table in a living room setting? It totally works here, but what about a smaller space? I’ve told a few friends I had planned to look for a similarly-sized table for my own living room and have gotten a lot of weird looks and “are you sure?” comments. Welcome your opinions before I waste away Saturdays scouting Craigslist and Sal Army thrift shops. :-)

  3. You’re right about not being able to take your eyes off from the art! I got to the bottom of the post and realized that I hadn’t really looked at any of the rooms!

  4. Those paintings stopped me as well, I was skimming through the images and stopped and stared, and stared some more. Incredibly gorgeous!!

  5. Very cool work- super inspiring! The repetetive format reminds me of a textile design – and the painting quality reminds me of Cezanne- no?

  6. do you honestly just troll other bloggers posts for your content? This is getting so old Erin.

  7. “sjobs”- I create plenty of original content and I actually don’t read many blogs at all. I’m simply posting about things I love which I am sure many other bloggers also appreciate as well. If I am disappointing you so much why do you come back again and again to leave these comments?

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