Fashion Friday: Sofia Coppola for LV

This isn’t new, but I am simply enamored with Sofia Coppola’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton and the photos that resulted for the ad campaign.  She is just so cool. And she makes me want to cut my hair even more.

This pic makes me so giddy!

I just love the styling in these- the casual, real life look and saturated color!

Loving the soft, feminine look of her home too!


  1. In our world of perfection, Sofia may not be the most gorgeous of women, but she is hands-down one of the chicest. Bravo to LV for collaborating with such a marvelously talented lady.

    Happy Friday Erin!

  2. I adore these photos, too! I agree with you- I think what makes them so great is the true to life styling with saturated colors, they are stunning- and kinda make me want to run right out and buy a bag ;) Sofia is simply amazing, from my favorite movie to the most adorable and tasty champagne out there, and her effortlessly chic style, its great to see her in these ads!

  3. Giddy……I sooooo agree. I adore the classic stylish sense. Very Holly Golightly right down to the black evening dress. Swap the Seine for Tiffany’s & voila!! Sensational to see chic trump celebecrap.

  4. Cut your hair girl. All that rapunzel hair is so L.Y. Really, let it go… you’ll look fashion forward instead of like everybody else. You know when all those TV housewives have the same hair as you it’s time to switch it up.

  5. Oh gosh, I’m in total lust. Love the suede bag (or was it velvet?) and that black dress – oh to be a youngin again !!

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