A Glossy Valentine.

Check out the picks I gathered for this week’s High Gloss Newsletter! I am loving this selection, if I do say so myself!

6 Responses to “A Glossy Valentine.”

  1. jbhat says:

    Erin. I have read through the archives (rather obsessively over the last few days, but in an appreciative and admiring way; don’t be alarmed) and am officially all caught up. Why I wasn’t reading you before, I have no idea. I love your work and think you are just splendid. Congrats again on High Gloss. The newsletter pics are adorable.


  2. If I got a love bracelet I think I might be the happiest girl in the world. Obsessed. Right up there with those Hermes H blankets.

  3. What yummy things! I especially love the cups….fun colors.

  4. i must have the golf balls! and is that whisky? or whisky scented something? no matter, boyfriend wants it!

  5. Love these gift ideas, Erin! I love that you have an Hermes tie with a Dirty Jokes book…it’s pretty much the perfect gift combination for my husband.

  6. Agreed! A great selection (especially gifts “for him” — they’re an easy one to get stumped on!).