pink + red obsession

I was flipping through some magazine last weekend and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw model Dree Hemingway in this amazing pink and red outfit. This isn’t even a good picture of it, but the way she combined simple, sleek silhouettes in bold, saturated pink and red and then topped it with a skinny belt and fur vest is such perfection.

I put together my own version of the look and added a little animal print because this combination makes me indescribably happy. Here, I illustrated it for you. That would be me passed out from the awesomeness of this combo. I also love this color schemeĀ  in rooms too- and not just little girl rooms. Pink can be very very chic for grownups, especially when paired with red!

OK, my type has gotten all wacky and I can’t figure it out so pardon the bold.

Perhaps it’s the dreary weather that’s making me absolutely CRAVE pink in my home right now (fat chance of me getting any though). These images conjure up feelings of pure joy, no?

J.Crew is all about this color combo too! (OMG, I hate WordPress, why is it doing this to my font???)

Anyways, I also did a little vacation outfit for myself as I count the days until I go to St. Maarten in April!


  1. Too funny…I dog-earred that exact picture yesterday. I LOVE the red and pink combo together and have been looking for a year for a great red & pink cocktail dress…but have yet to find one that would work for me. Thanks for the post today…nice and cheerful for this crazy cold day.

  2. Pink and Red is my absolute favorite color combo ever! :) I think of it as seeing the world through rose colored lenses.
    Happy Monday,

  3. If you go into the HTML tab on WordPress you will notice all of this wonky code before your text- something like and then at the conclusion of the sentence . Delete it on both sides of the text and and it should return to normal and you can go back to life.

  4. Erin: So jealous you are going to St. Maarten in April. I was there at that same time a few years ago and I think you would LOVE Anguilla. It’s a 20 min ferry ride between the two islands. I highly recommend going over to Cap Juluca for lunch and to sit on their beach for the afternoon–it is AMAZING. Another word to the wise, the sun is EXTREMELY strong there at that time of year–load up on the sunblock and sit under an umbrella! You will still come home with an amazing sun kissed glow. Enjoy!

  5. Love pink and red and I love the outfits you put together! I would so wear both of those.

    And you inspired me with your post about the color of the year – Honeysuckle – and I’m painting my bedroom pink. Guess what I have sitting in there? A red leather club chair! I’m going to find some pillows with pink and red in them to pull the look together.

  6. I like the bright red and soft pinks. Very Valentine’s Day looking, but you don’t see it much. Besides, if you’re going to pull off a look like that any time of the year, right now is probably the time to do it.

  7. Hi Erin, I read your blog everyday. Love the colors and the layouts, but I’m not a fan of real fur. Totally cruel. Best left on the animal. Faux is the way to go.

  8. Love this color combo. It always seems fresh and unexpected even though it’s timeless. Just saw some great pink and red graphic wrapping paper at Target today (and no, it wasn’t Valentine’s-related).

  9. Love this combination – especially with my favorite holiday coming up…yes, I am that weird girl that adores Valentine’s day even when I am single. Hope you’re having a great Monday!
    Much love,

  10. Honeysuckle Heaven indeed! I think Pantone was definitely onto something…happy hues for winter blues :D
    Btw…the faux vs. real debate…I’m a vintage shopaholic so I’m always down to rescue secondhand fur, but would NEVER, EVER purchase the real thing off the rack…hope that’s not cheating…
    Awesome post Erin~ Happy Monday!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  11. This post made me crack up. My 6-year old mini fashionista paired her pink pants with a red shirt one morning before school. I was about to patiently correct her color selections, “Oh sweetie, you lood so pretty but…” when I realized that her outfit totally rocked, especially paired with a –get this–leopard print cardigan from Target! Now she picks my outfits for work. Clearly, she is your soul sister in fashion.

  12. I agree – she totally made this work. Putting different shades of a color together can sometimes go so wrong and she definitely has it down to perfection with that look!

  13. erin! i love your blog. i am going GAGA over the button-down and chino shorts combo. i think i’ll copy you and buy myself a fun red and pink outfit for my trip to paradise island!!!

    ps. you should have named the first picture I DIE. then when you hovered over it, it would say I DIE. you can also do this in the title of the image when you upload it into wordpress. it is the best for adding little joke captions to photos.

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