FashionJanuary 31, 2011

More Equestrian Style

I saw this guest house on Style at Home’s website and not only loved the preppy interiors, but also the Hermes orange color scheme! I am totally on an equestrian kick right now- between horse artwork to equestrian boots I’m focused on all things Mr. Ed. I rode horses when I was younger- showing up for my first (English style) riding lesson all sassypants by accessorizing my super fly mullet with my favorite white fringed leather cowboy boots. Hey, at least I put some effort into my look.  From there I realized I had to go the way of the tan riding pants, black boots and velvet helmet.  And I’ve been a sucker for the look since.

Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with a book here?

The shape of this door makes me weak in the knees.

Note the orange mat on the photo above the fireplace- a great way to add a pop of color!

Beautiful branches- I can’t wait for springtime so I can decorate with them!

I love that Elizabeth Taylor (you SATC fans get that, right?)

Would love to blog from this desk…but wait, what is that fab bag I spy on the shelf?

Yes, that one up top! Turns out this is the home of the Director of Sales for Rebecca Ray – the makers of that bag and all the others sprinkled throughout the home.

I actually had her site bookmarked separate from this home so what serendipity that I was able to connect the two.  I ADORE her bags– these two are my favorites!

Some other really fun designs:

I’m off to New York for the High Gloss launch! Tuesday is our big day- be sure to check it out!!!

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