Fashion Friday: Girl Crush- Olivia Palermo

I know many blogs have lauded the style of Olivia Palermo. But I have yet to. I think what I appreciate most about Olivia is the fact that she takes some risk with each outfit, but also lets herself be photographed in things multiple times like a NORMAL PERSON. We’ll see a repeat of a fringed skirt worn very different ways, or multiple shots of a favorite pair of shoes or handbag (granted, it’s a Birkin, but still…. Jay Z just bought Beyonce $350,000 of Birkins for Xmas so not all celebs are as down to earth about luxury goods). I never watched The City so I actually have no idea who she is or what she does other than get dressed every day. Alas, I think she can give us all a little nudge to pair some things together perhaps we are a little scared to. And take a cue from her ever changing hair style and color– it’s making me consider a long bob when I go get my hair cut this afternoon. So chic!

Totally obsessed with this outfit. Dying for a gorgeous camel cape AND leopard booties!

Oh, and this is her boyfriend. Feel free to hate her just a little.

Here are some suggestions to get a look like Olivia’s!


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43 Responses to “Fashion Friday: Girl Crush- Olivia Palermo”

  1. I seriously thing she is the most gorgeous girl ever and her style is freaking perfection. She looks flawless in every single picture. And that boyfriend??? HATE

  2. the boot says:

    she is gor-geous. but honestly, if we were really rich and fabulous we could look that good too. (at least, that’s what i tell myself :)

  3. cecilia says:

    You HAVE to watch The City! I’m not quite as young as you – so my husband makes fun of me for watching “high-school” shows (as he calls them). Olivia Palermo worked initially at DVF with Whitney Port – and then got a job at Elle. Anyone who’s a fashion lover, will like the show – at least I do, but fashion was my life for a LONG time. Olivia (who I’m not a huge fan of – based on the way the show portrayed her – as a person) has INCREDIBLE style. To watch the show, just to see her outfits and her style, is half the fun. She is a beautiful girl and definitely has great taste!

  4. Devon Haire says:

    Thanks for sharing…she is one of my absolute faves! Literally spectacular!

  5. Ashley says:

    So I can’t speak to her personality, but I met her once at a boutique I worked at and she had the most luminous skin I have ever seen. Some girls have all the luck…!

  6. megan says:

    I hear ya girl. Seriously she looks amazing always. I would kill to be able to pull off those outfits. Have you seen this one?

  7. megan says:

    Ha! Just scrolled a litttle further in your blog. Guess you have!

  8. Krissy says:

    I have no idea who she is either, but every time I see a photograph of her, I can’t help but drool. She has amazing style.

  9. Aaah! I love her! She is so amazing. That trench + blue & white striped top + Roberta Freymann necklace was what first got me so obsessed with stripes. love!

  10. She has great taste and is gorgeous! I agree with you- I like seeing her “normal” day style! Well “normal” for her not for me! Ha!

  11. She makes me want to run around town in short with black tights. I think I might freeze, but it would be worth it.

  12. She clearly knows one of her best assets is her legs so she shows them off. You have the figure to pull off a lot of these looks–long and lean. Alas, not all of us do. => I am in the market for a pair of black dress shorts. Something with some weight that would work for now but not wool in case I want to wear it when the warmer weather hits.

    And I hope you don’t cut your hair too short. I imagine it can be a pain to blow out, but it’s really quite nice.

  13. I think she is absolutely beautiful… and her style is fantastic.

  14. Claudia says:

    She does have great taste! I keep seeing more and more pictures of her wherever I turn.

  15. AMEN. Definitely a new girl crush for me as well!!

  16. Amber Murphy says:

    She has great style! I LOVE the bold necklace with that striped shirt, very nice. She does maybe need to increase her calorie intake though, that can’t be healthy. If you do decide to go with a long bob you have to post pics asap. Happy Friday!

  17. This is a woman who knows how to wear leggings, unlike Ms. Hathaway.

  18. That girl has mad style, she can rock a look like no other…major fashion crush!

  19. Beth F says:

    Erin…go for it with the haircut today. I am getting my hair CHOPPED (a la Maggie Gyllenhaal) this afternoon also, but I do it all the time so it is no biggie for me. Out with the old…it will grow back. And I second the comment that said Olivia seems not-so-nice on TV.

  20. Oh yeah, she’s great. Very chic, with a touch of elegance and ease about it. Nothing seems to busy or complicated but she looks very confident.

  21. Teri says:

    I say go for the hair cut. Life is too short! I have to say I prefer Olivia as a blonde, though. I don’t understand why Olivia doesn’t have her own line of clothing. Her taste is incredible. She’d have people saying “Whitney who?”

  22. Jessica says:

    Agreed she has fantastic style — love that so much of what she wears are classic pieces. But I must admit it’s tough to like her when the clips I’ve seen of her on The City are NOT flattering, at all. Style sense is a lot, but a good personality must go with it to really hit it out of the park. This is why I love your blog Erin — you have phenomenal style and a fantastic personality to boot ;)

  23. HannahJ says:

    AHH- she’s adorable- and so stylish! Love the clothing suggestions- too bad I don’t have the skinny genes on my side:)

  24. Nichole says:

    I always loved her style on The City – literally couldn’t wait to watch the show to see what she was wearing – but at the same time I hated that I liked her style because they painted her as such a self-absorbed villain on the show (but of course, how much of that was staged, right?), I didn’t want her to win! :) You have to watch the show, you would like it. Thanks for posting the pics, I still do really like her style, and, I mean, she IS beautiful…..awe, inspiration!

  25. Tai says:

    ive got a better leopard bootie for you.

    they are from zara. they made them for winter and redid them as part of a cruise collection again.

    people stop me on the street when i wear them.

  26. karen torres d'amico says:

    My comment actually has nothing to do with this particular post…

    Just wanted to say that I’m psyched that your blog is loading faster (it used to take so long, and while I was still an avid reader, the quick loading time has made reading your blog that much better!).


  27. Cecilia says:

    She is so pretty! I love her style…and I like the new hair.

  28. Always thought she has such great style…..and certainly she is very pretty. Her “eye candy” aka the boyfriend is her best accessory by far :)
    Nice post!

  29. Fiona says:

    She is VERY pretty, and has great style. My one criticism is that her legs are not nearly as pretty as the rest of her, and she dresses to highlight them. That, and she’s not supposed to be very nice, but hey, love her style.

  30. Enno says:

    yea this girl’s style and wardrobe is insane. I chopped my super long hair off too last week. new new new :)

  31. Enno says:

    i bought the belt in your get the look btw! :)

  32. Oliva is my celeb girl crush…..she is just flawless and her style is so amazing……I love that third pic of her in the camel sweater, black leggings and lepoard booties…….

  33. Jen says:

    She has impeccable style. I love that she polishes off her look with red nails in nearly every pic.

  34. sketch42blog says:

    Her style is amazing. Just do yourself a favor and dont even watch The City.

  35. Jane says:

    Where do I order a pair of those long legs?

  36. This is an incredibly chic and accessible piece. The styling throughout is exquisite and effortless.
    Thank you!

  37. Shawna says:

    Oh yeah, I have a huge girl crush on her too! Her taste is impeccable and always looks amazing. Her leopard booties, of which I am equally obsessed with, are Charlotte Olympia…out of stock and regardless, way out of my budget. But I just recently got these and love them! So comfy and a budget-worthy version of those gorgeous ones she’s wearing.

  38. Sara Jane says:

    That leather clutch!!! AH! I NEED that. I also wouldn’t mind taking that boyfriend off her hands either.

  39. Kate says:

    I am such a huge Olivia fan – I love your round up of Olivia pics – she is so stylish. I know someone who is a friend of hers and apparently she is lovely although I agree that she doesn’t come off too well in The City….

  40. Carly says:

    her style is awesome, for sure, but those knees are proof she may be a little bit hungry!

  41. Quiana says:

    Carly – your comment made me laugh! Completely agree!

  42. Beautiful style. Girl crush goin’ on!

  43. Beth says:

    Not a fan of her at all on the city – not a nice human being (who knows how much of that is really reality though). In terms of beauty and fashion I have always admired her! I don’t think I can say that there is an outfit she wore that i was not super envious of – and that boyfriend of hers?! I would take one of those as well!