Black Swan Fashion

I saw Black Swan weeks ago and I still have a hard time describing how I feel about it.  Finding it both gruesome and yet deeply thought provoking, I think I reacted different to it than some others.  Having struggled with perfectionism for most of my life  I felt a sympathy towards Nina and her unwavering quest to be the perfect Swan Queen. It struck a nerve in me, one that has not stopped reverberating since seeing the film ( more on that tomorrow in my “end of the year reflections” post).  But even though the movie makes ballet seem stressful and even violent in a way- it still made me want to take ballet lessons. Which is kind of messed up. But the beauty of the art form is something I have not considered in a long time.  While I doubt I’ll run over to the Boston Ballet and try to become a dancer, I may hit up that Ballet Core class at my gym….





What girl never wanted a tutu? The costumes for the White Swan and Black Swan were gorgeous. Rodarte designed the costumes based on the epic artwork be Degas and his ballerina series. As I was watching the movie I was thinking about how one could incorporate ballerina looks into street clothes (minus an actual tutu).



Fashion lines are  also taking note, or looked into their mysterious fashion crystal balls and knew that ballet inspired style would end up catching on. I mean, after seeing the movie I really wanted to dance around the house in leg warmers and shrugs- go figure.  While leg warmers MAY not become all the rage on the street, lots of ballet inspired fashion will be rampant. Shopbop did a spread of just this not too long ago:

page 3


Ballet inspired clothing looks and fashion from Shopbop-7

Chloe’s Spring 2011 line features some very “en pointe” looks

Picture 2 Picture 7

Tod’s is releasing a special design of it’s driving shoe complete with ankle wrap ribbons!


I created a more wearable collection of black swan and white swan inspired looks- a little sparkle, lots of feathers and an exquisitely feminine look.


Sue Wong Feather Dress, BCBG heel, Kate Spade Swan Lake clutch, BCBG one shoulder dress, feather earring, silk top, knit fingerless gloves,

Club Monaco feather skirt, Bando feather piece


Bando hair piece, Club Monaco dress, Etsy wedding dress, Sue Wong feather dress, J.Crew bracelet, ModCLoth skirt, feather earring, J.Crew purse, Nina Ricci ballet flat

As I mentioned, tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up the year on EOS, hence a “Fashion THursday”- check back to read my thoughts on life, work and what’s next.


  1. I still haven’t seen the movie yet – hopefully before it leaves the theaters! Love your ballet inspired vignettes – does the fact that I prefer the Black Swan choices have any significance? And I LOVE all of Chloe for spring – AMAZING collection!

  2. Love this post! I have yet to see the movie – it hasn’t been released where I live yet – but I will be first in line come February when it’s here! I took ballet for 16 years and this ballet fashion is right up my alley. Loved the Chloe dresses – so feminine and elegant. Wishing you a happy new year!

  3. E, I love this post! I’m totally wearing leg warmers to the studio next week if that’s alright with you!!

  4. This is one of the most gorgeous collections you’ve done! Love it! I still haven’t been able to catch the movie, so I’m drawn to all the Black Swan posts and media out there. I love those tealish Tods. Even though they’re driving shoes, I have a feeling I’d be trying to walk en pointe the whole time.

  5. Your fashion posts are always so clever and epically creative. You’ve a real gift for tying a relatively esoteric idea together beautifully. Your passion for textiles, fashion, color, embellishment really comes out in these posts. This particular post is extremely well done. A great treat on a rainy Thursday. Happy New Year.

  6. Those pieces from Chloe’s Spring line are beautiful! I just saw Black Swan this week and was emotionally exhausted afterwards…but loved it! A thought provoking movie that I think all of us can relate to, even in some small way. Looking forward to your final 2010 post tomorrow!

  7. Incredibly beautiful (and timely) post Erin! I just saw the movie yesterday and think it’ll be a while before I stop thinking about it – very haunting, yet inexplicably beautiful. The fashion you pulled is right on the mark – well done!

  8. beautiful post erin! i did ballet for years and years and i still remember the feeling of being in the studio saturday mornings with my bun and leotard and the smell of the wood floors, ahhhh! p.s. LOVE the tod’s!

  9. I’m hoping the movie comes out in Israel soon – until then I really love your interpretations of the black/white swan. Subtle, versatile, feminine and sexy. Well done.

  10. The next time you’re snowed in, rent Darren Aronosky’s other movies. All of his movies just stick in your head for days

  11. I saw the movie too. I think it is really interesting how we are influenced by Hollywood. I want to be thin and wear a tutu and wear ballerina slippers to work…funny:)

    Amy R.

  12. Hi Erin! I was excited to read this post since I just saw the movie on Tuesday. I still cannot stop thinking about it…such a disturbing movie. Happy New Year!!!

  13. I still haven’t seen the movie – but reallly hope to catch it before it leaves theaters. I LOVE your black swan board -the fingerless gloves are really amazing!

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