I know I said I had another gift guide this morning- well, I have to find a couple more things and last night it didn’t happen- so I promise one tomorrow. A good one. But I had to post this site that I just discovered 20×200. It’s chock full of amazing prints available to you for as little as $20!  They actually would make fabulous gifts too! Click on the images for links.

This “Ideal Bookshelf” series is one of my faves- especially Robert Verdi’s collection of fashion books! Great for the fashionista in your life.


Childrens Book collections, wonderful for a nursery or child’s room:



I am SO SAD this one is sold out. I absolutely adore it.


This balloon print is sweet as well:


I love this flying kits print- it’s modern yet whimsical:


This absolutely cracks me up. Who hasn’t seen an abstract painting and thought that?


Too funny. Really.


The fact that this perfect grid of ships and tankers is from Google Satellite is so cool.


Two version of abstract stripes:



A beautiful still life:


A darling watercolor of birch trees (the most beautiful tree, in my opinion)


I wish I were here:



  1. Note: the beach print is also available at Urban outfitters. Artaissance is another great site for affordable art and I will Be posting about one more just launched site today!


  2. I am so obsessed with Massimo Vitali! That photo is one of my favorites. I’m planning on doing a completely selfish wish list on the blog and one of the things I’m asking Santa to bring me is one of his prints. Super-cute roundup!

  3. i’ve got a few prints from them and they’re so beautiful in person. mine are all photographs and the color and paper is of the highest quality. they ship them to you in a plastic sleeve and a little certification with the artists signature. all you need is a bow to tie it up with.

  4. Um, wow! I saw this on another blog and I didn’t bother checking them out because I just wasn’t super impressed with the images…but the ones you chose…*swoon* I’m a new believer…(c: Amazing!

  5. what beautiful images! i love every one you posted…but i think i liked the aerial boat shot the best. thanks for sharing! these would make such great gifts.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Erin! Nothing makes me happier than hearing about new people discovering 20×200 and loving it. :)

    Echoing what’s been said above, you really did pull together a stunning set of prints — it’s always interesting to see what people pick out. If anyone’s looking for a fun way to peruse the archives, check out this page:


    Oh, one last thing — in response to @DecorArtsNow above, UO might have a *similar* print to Christian Chaize’s, but the definitely don’t have the same one, or anything from the series. Our editions are exclusively available through our site.

    Again, I really appreciate your post and love your picks!

  7. That balloon one IS amazing. I have seen a similar one (maybe by the same artist) where a girl is asleep on a couch surrounded by balloons. It’s equally breathtaking. I wish I could find it!

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