Etsy Find: JillianLee Home

There are plenty of Etsy sellers that craft pillows from designer fabrics (or knock-offs of designer fabrics-imperial trellis much?)- but you might find that either they only have the fabric on one side or the patterns aren’t matched (which saves tons of fabric therefore making them cheaper). But JillianLee Home (who happens to be my sister in law) is a ninja at sewing and crafts designer pillows using the fabric on BOTH sides and matching the patterns up, adding invisible zippers and filling them with premium down fillers. If you are interested in any pillows please convo Jill and mention the EOS blog and get 15% off and discounted shipping!



12 Responses to “Etsy Find: JillianLee Home”

  1. Claire says:

    Thanks Erin. Happy to know about Jillian, especially since I just saw she is in Atlanta (as am I)! Plus, she and I have the same Pier 1 wicker chairs (circa 2005) though I have since painted mine bright yellow, woot!

  2. Love these pillows, Erin! Thanks for the introduction.

  3. Mom says:

    Who knew?

  4. Sweet! Sometimes I think that I can make what the pillow-sellers are selling myself- but not like your sis-n-law with matching pattern and invisible zippers! I’m gonna check out her shop. I really like the fabric she’s using!

  5. Okay, I’m back again! While her prices are way less than the retailers, even with your EOS discount, sadly, I don’t think I could justify that price for a pillow. They do look beautifully made though. Who’s buying them at retail??!! Dang!

  6. Such great colors…checking them out more closely now. thanks for posting re these!

  7. Natalie says:

    oooh one of my favorite shops! The first two pillows are to die for ~ love the colors and patterns!

  8. Lindsey says:

    Gorgeous pillows and fabrics! Sadly, too pricey for me for a pillow.

  9. Lindsey says:

    eeek! $250 for a pillow. beautiful though.

  10. Maggie Rose says:

    For my own home, the solid backing will have to do for now (sigh, to have an unlimited budget). But for clients I will totally be bookmarking her page. Quality pillows with inserts included? Perfect. And I see that she offers a discount for pairs.

  11. Waverly says:

    Pretty – yes. Pretty pricey – yes, too. Not for now with a snotty faced toddler running around!

  12. Just had to come back (again!) to comment publicly to say that Jillian and I emailed and that she is super sweet, so if you are interested in one of her pillows, I think she’d be someone you’d really like to do business with. Wishing you much success and great clients Jillian!