Crushin’ On: H&H Home

I get a lot of press releases everyday. A LOT. Most of them are generic and I delete them because frankly, I don’t have time to look at pitches for vacuum cleaners, every book ever published or air fresheners. But sometimes I get press releases (or just really nice emails) from small businesses who rock.  Like H&H Home. The minute I saw their images and goods I knew they needed to be posted about (sometimes I yell out to no one other than the dogs “bloggin’ it!”Am such a dork). Here are some images from their launch party and some of their very fairly priced fab wares!


That trunk is ridic. I can’t even deal.



I would move south just to have a screened porch like this.


Loving the logo.


Because puppies (in ties) are what life is all about.


Here is some straight up chair porn. Amazing refurbished goods made modern but owners Helen and Heather. If one of you doesn’t buy this leopard chair for only $325 (amazing!!!!) I will be seriously disappointed. I would but I can’t, I’m on a self-imposed chair buying ban.


How about this set of four cafe chairs?? BA-NA-NAS! (BTW, can you believe Rachel Zoe IS pregnant? That seems physically impossible!)


Classic yumminess.


BAM. This chair is all up in yo’ face.


I have one of these in my house! I was going to refinish it and sell it too but I love it. Hmmmm.


Simply stunning.


Since i’m on an orange kick, I clearly love this- at a desk, it would be magnificent!



37174_101397523263365_101373639932420_6846_1026708_n H&HPillow

I am also loving their abstract art by painter Lindsay Cowles- I love the textural feel of them!


Bull in a China Shop

Mojave Dawn


Burnout Velvet


  1. I just have a quick question. I too have a wicker peacock chair but the bottom is busted, it will hold its own weight but not the weight of someone sitting in it! Do you have any idea how to DIY repair it? The easiest and simplest idea I could come up with was building a wooden base to put inside the existing wicker one.

  2. I love mine as well (it was a Goodwill find for $10.00!) but if I can’t fix it it is going on craigslist! It’s silly to have a chair in your home that no one can actually sit in :)

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Erin I am with you on the trunk….want it and know exactly where it wil go!!

    Come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye! You will love the interview!

    Art by Karena

  4. I love your in yo face style. and Lindsay’s paintings!!!

    such a fun blog!

    will send pix of my new office featuring the stunning “Orange Crush.” that would be the name of my vintage Chesterfield sectional in bright ORANGE CRUSHED VELVET. oh yes. he is being freed from storage to take the main stage. and is the reason some people are friends with me.

    cheers to you and your fun-ness!

  5. I was in Boston last week, and oddly enough, I kept thinking I would pass you walking down Newbury Street! Crazy, right?!?! Now I’m back in Florida, in the ‘burbs. Can’t believe Rachel Zoe is pregnant…..I didn’t think her hubby was goin to stick around! When does then next season start? :)

  6. must have that trunk….hands are shaking. aaigh! i saw one just like it recently at ABC in new york, it was a cool $30,000….yikes

  7. Wow! Love it! “Peanut” the elephant garden stool friend, was featured in House Beautiful as an up and coming trend!! He’s cute. BTW, I have a friend that had one from a long time ago and that’s what we nicknamed him! Love your blog!

  8. Thank y’all for the extremely kind words! Helen and Heather are amazing and have a fantastic eye! I am so lucky to be in business with them!! And if anyone is interested in talking to me about particular commissions, please feel free to email me at or call me at 917.232.3183. Thanks again!!

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