Napa Blogging: More Carneros

I mean, really I cannot get enough of this place. Yesterday we stumbled into a model unit in their residence club and I fell in love.  All I want in life is a living/dining room that opens to an outdoor living/dining room. Seriously. This house was no bigger as a trailer, but perfectly laid out with two master suites and magnificent indoor to outdoor flow. Granted in New England this wouldn’t work so well seeing as we are freezing cold most of the year, but a girl can dream right???

Small is the new big, people- and this space is great to take inspiration from:



Creating cozy nook outside makes any outdoor space seem more special- loving the little cabana!

c6 c10


Loving the use of curtains here!


Even the SHOWER is indoor/outdoor!!!

c4 c5

Love the sunroom off one of the bedrooms- it had a very high beamed ceiling too!

c13 c8

To end our day we went to Bouchon for a great dinner and then back to our room only to find that the management here at Carneros had left me cough drops, Emergen-C, Airborne and fridge full of Odwalla C-Monster drinks with a note saying that they had seen on my blog I wasn’t feeling well and hoped I got better!

Now THAT is customer service! This place is impeccable and I could not recommend it any higher!


  1. So nice of them to leave you all those things to make you feel better. Great Customer Service indeed. Hope you are feelig a little better.

  2. Phew, thank God small is the new big because I have no other choice. Love than I’m on trend. This place is awesome. Will have to put it on my forever expanding list.

  3. I so wanna go here! And it sounds like great management!

    That cabana + the indoor/outdoor shower….this is too much! I also love the little pumpkins by the door..what a cute touch!

  4. I am SOOOO coming to Carneros ASAP! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures while you are on vacation and not feeling great. Love it all. This place is simply amazing. Wait until you dine at Farm!

  5. Wow….what an amazing place. Question: what is going on with that headboard? Is it upholstered or simply a pretty and complex drape? Either way, I like the affect.
    Hope you feel better.

  6. a} bouchon is UNREALY and i would be jealous of the fact that you got to eat there alone. love love love!
    b} loving that model unit and wondering when i can move in.
    c} didn’t know customer service like that still existed. so lovely!!

  7. So glad I re-found you again after almost a year. I lost your link when changing computers. And to my utmost JOY, you are blogging from NAPA…. Am so jealous. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Napa & Sonoma…. Its been 2 years since I have been back there, and my heart is so yearning. I am hoping to do a series on tourism in that region, for a new blog I am starting up from my home back in the southeast. I would love to check out the Carneros Region. Those rooms are so clean, crisp, spa like, inviting with incredible decor… It musst be hard for people to leave… once experieincing that, it looks like you may want to stay! Didn’t you love Bouchon?! and what about the bistro for breakfast?! Have you had a chance yet to experience the spa also at The Villagio in Yountville? They are divine. And their breakfast and tea time is so incredible, that even the locals come out for it… we met some wonderful folks while there. My best girlfriend and I took our first girlfriend getaway vacation after 30 years of friendship and spent 5 glorious nights at the Villagio. And of course, had a wonderful day with cooking lessons at the Culinary Institute! And don’t forget OXBOW Market if you haven’t already had a chance to get there.
    Thank you for bringing to life, once again, such a beautiful area of our United States. We are so blessed. Great photos and review. I can’t wait to spend a few minutes and go back and read your other posts!
    Cathy B
    pbprojeecthope at yahoo dot com

  8. The deck is wonderful as when the weather is nice, you can really have fresh air all throughout the house. You can capture a lot of ideas from such a place, though its not a huge place it looks nicely designed. I saw a house with the similar deck except it was longer and had views of the ocean. A great way to enjoy the scenery – More houses should have openings like this or at least large windows!

  9. THE SHOWERS!!!! My Aunt has an outdoor shower in Atlanta right off her beautiful bathroom. I LOVE that idea. I wish we had the land to pull that off. So amazing! Thank you for all the pictures!!!

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